Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- WWE have registered "Sooner or Later Everyone Taps" as a trademark, primarily for merchandise use. This could be for Daniel Bryan.

-- Bret Hart posted the following to his Twitter last night: "Had a long overdue chat w/Dynamite Kid. He sounded really good & it made my week just talking to him."

-- Bill DeMott's posted the following to his Twitter yesterday regarding rumors of a possible WWE in-ring return:

"The #rumor mill is smoking hot with tales of me returning to WWE in-ring action!! I have to say that rumors much like bones can be broken!

"See you all think I said no, all I said was 'rumors and bones were made to be broken' plate is very full with @WWE projects and I'm :)!

"I am officially announcing ...I AM TRAINING FOR SOMETHING! TAKE THAT ANYWAY YOUWANT!but I will be ready for...IT"

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