-- A.J. debuted a new theme song on last night's episode of SmackDown! prior to her match against Tamina. It is a production music song called Right Now. It was composed by Tyler Van Den Berg, who specializes in "girl next door" female vocals and catchy electropop.

A.J. was asked to give her thoughts on the song on Twitter. She wrote, "It reminds me of an anime opener so clearly I love it. Plus I really didn't want some saucy sexy diva music. So not me."

-- Almost a week after the incident, TMZ posted the story of Jeff Hardy using a tazer on Matt Hardy 's girlfriend, Reby Sky.

TMZ notes that Reby, only identified as "the girl," reluctantly agreed to be tased after coaxing from both Matt and Jeff, and that she "let out a bloodcurlding shriek when the electric shock zapped her body -- instantly dropping her to the ground."

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