Twenty-one years after their epic match at WrestleMania VI, Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior find themselves feuding, this time for real.

While the two have made it clear over the past several years that they do not like each other, their feud went to another level when Hogan talked about Warrior failing to take over his spot in an interview with on HDNet's The Voice vs. Hulk Hogan.

Here is an excerpt from that interview (at the 0:20 mark):

Warrior responded to the interview, warning Hogan that "Karma is coming to collect" for him in the following video:

Hogan then responded to the Warrior's video on his Twitter (

"like attracts like He's gonna keep on attracting more negative into his life.I can only pray for him. HH

"that what he's programed for,some people love,help,laugh,create,have fun,he hates.warrior who? HH"

Warrior then opened up a Twitter account ( and his first tweets were directed to Hogan, writing, "@HulkHogan4Real Karma is coming to collect Terry." He also posted the video below accusing Hulk Hogan of censoring his fans:

Warrior then posted several messages disparaging Hogan, writing, "Today has been very inspiring. Thanks Warriors! You guys are the best! To those asking- Hogan's demise began the day he left Vince."

Following Ultimate Warrior's video announcement in which he revealed plans "to set the record straight" on longtime rival Hulk Hogan and "paint the picture of who he truly is," The Hulkster asked that people pray for the master of Destrucity.

"It's awesome how such grateful positive people live in abundance and how they always try to help and pray for the lost negative people," Hogan wrote on Twitter. "His claim to fame was our match at WrestleMania, if he didn't have that I'm not sure what he's done. He's just trying to keep his deal alive. Only pray for him, just hope he stops attracting so much hate into his life. Like attracts like."

After vowing to keep negative energy at bay, Hogan has begun retweeting messages depicting Warrior in a negative light, such as:

"Warrior was a jabroni. Hulkamania still runs wild... Brother.

"Warrior is just jealous and angry about the sad way it all ended for him... without a whimper.

"Warrior let alot of fans down over & over. Not something that'll ever be easily forgiven. Or forgotten."

Warrior shot back at Hogan by comparing him to a pet that is at the end of its rope.

"They say I hate Hogan. Never did," he wrote. "Like a favorite loved pet who has come to the end of its useful life, time to put an end to his misery."

Warrior also revealed in a blog post on his official website that his much anticipated "Karma is Coming to Collect" video will be approximately one hour long and will surface online soon. He also says that he's developing a major media project and is legitimately on Twitter.

"Still figuring out how to work Twitter," he wrote. "Once I get it down, I'll level you warriors with clotheslines of creativity, courage and wisdom each thrown with Ultimate Warrior intensity."

Warrior then wrote on his Twitter that the "Karma is Coming to Collect" video will be posted in less than 48 hours and that he has plans to expose him.

"Hogan takes high road-where?when? Never has," Warrior wrote. "In WM6 best sports entertainer in the world prevailed. Today, best man will. No punches pulled."

He added, "Terry, almost time for KiCtC. Better triple your meds -- or have your PoS friend Knobbs come over and feign heart attacks...good for laughs."

In a later blog from Warrior's website, he said that the "Karma is coming to collect" video directed at Hulk Hogan will be released later and added that it is "professionally edited" and is almost an hour long. It will be posted in pieces. Once the whole video has been released, he will make another announcement regarding what he refers to as a "major media project" which he is developing:

Hogan threatened to sue Warrior over the teaser video Warrior, stating that allegations of drug use are a "blatant lie," and that the claims about Linda are not true either. "None of that ever happened. This guy is out of his mind." Hogan says that he tried to ignore it, but now his lawyer is involved.

Warrior then issued the following tweets last week as to why he's trashing Hogan:

The Ultimate Warrior issued the following tweets yesterday on his feud with Hulk Hogan:

"This thing going on between Terry and I is about something bigger than each of us. It is about YOU and the worth of your life.

"People can do better things with their life potential than others but NO ONE has more potential than any other to start with.

"All of us are born with the potential to do great things and live great lives.

"When one does, the right thing to do is influence, inspire and empower other humans that they have the potential inside themselves, too.

"Terry, doesn't do this. First, he takes credit for everything. There is no room for anyone else or praise for others.

"Two, he has NOT used his incredible life success experiences to learn from them: grow wiser, be a better man, be a more capable mentor.

"When a man fails at this, he cannot be seen as a leader, someone to look up to or admire. Those who do see him as such have been mislead.

"Given the choice between the truth and the lies, they choose lies. Life will not work if you choose lies. This is what I know of life.

"This is why I fight. Not so you make me like Terry believes he is. NO, I fight so that you know you DO NOT have to tolerate lives of lies.

"Live lives of truth. Inspire ME. I succeeded at being a sports entertainer, and I am proud of what we did together.

But, to me, YOU are ALL better than that. YOU can do better. You can turn the whole f--king world upside down. I can feel your power. W"

And that is where we're at...

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