TNA Slammiversary: Kurt Angle Vs. Jeff Jarrett

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TNA Slammiversary: Kurt Angle Vs. Jeff Jarrett

Not so much a backstage segment as Tenay and Taz are joined 'by satellite' by Karen Jarrett. Karen insinuates that Angle is the one who pushed her, and caused her injury. Karen says she's under all different types of stress, and she's not going to let Tenay get her blood pressure up. She says when Jeff gets into the ring with Kurt, he's going to win, be the #1 contender, and bring the gold medal back where it belongs. Karen says when Jarrett brings the medal home, she's going to wear it, and do what she does best. Tenay calls Karen a 'ball-buster', this cuts Karen off, while she protests, and segues into the video package for this match.

The Final Battle
- Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

The bell rings and we're ready to being the main event of the evening. Angle and Jarrett circle each other before Angle backs Jarrett into the corner. Jarrett goes into the ropes to force Angle away. Both men lock up and Angle quickly backs Jarrett up into the corner. Angle goes behind Jarrett and takes him down with a belly to back suplex but Jarrett makes it into the ropes to force a break. Another lock up and Angle locks in a side head lock. Jarrett tries to force out of it, unsuccessfully.

Jarrett fights out of the hold, only to eat a shoulderblock, then hip toss. Angle lays in a couple of big right hands in the corner before hitting an awesome snap suplex, good for a two count. Angle sends Jarrett into the corner, laying into him with big clubbing blows to the back. Angle continues to beat Jarrett around the ring. Angle sends Jarrett into the ropes but Jeff grabs on to the ropes, then back body drops Angle to the outside. Jarrett follows to the outside where he immediately backs him up into the barricade before slamming him into another barricade. Jarrett hits a big European uppercut before sending him shoulder first into the ring steps.

Angle is slow to make it back into the ring, especially with Jarrett attacking him and sending him back out to the ring floor. Jarrett goes to the outside and sends Angle back into the ring, following and stomping Angle repeatedly. Jarrett hangs Angle up in the ropes and hits him with a big uppercut to the face. Jarrett hits Angle with a high knee to the gut, but when he goes for the pin, Angle is able to kick out at two. Jarrett chokes Angle against the middle rope before coming down with a huge blow across the back of Angle's head. Jarrett sends Angle into the ropes and both men go for a cross body, leading to both men laid out in the middle of the ring.

Both men get to their feet and Anle is able to connect with a couple of right hands before he's locked into a sleeper. Angle backs Jarrett into the corner to break the hold. Angle avoids Jarrett in the opposite corner and hits a big German suplex.

Both men are slow to their feet, but when they get up they trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Angle gets the upper hand, sending Jarrett around the ring. Jarrett catches Angle with a big kick, but Angle responds with a belly to belly suplex. Angle goes for the ankle lock but Jarrett fights it off. Angle goes up to the second rope and comes off with a big dropkick. Jarrett goes for a hurricarana, but Angle catches him and hits a big powerbomb instead. Angle locks in the ankle lock but Jarrett rolls through to break it. Jarrett hits a big DDT and goes for the pin, but Angle is able to kick out at two.

Jarrett goes for the stroke, but Angle is able to block it and hit the Angle slam instead, but it's not enough to keep Jarrett down. Angle goes to the top and goes for a moonsault, but Jarrett avoids it. Jarrett hits the stroke and goes for a pin, but Angle is able to kick out at two. Jarrett waits for Angle to get back up and he goes for a tombstone piledriver, but Angle reverses. Jarrett reverses it again, but it's reversed another time by Angle, this time into an Angle lock. Jarrett rolls through again and sends Angle into the ref. Jarrett connects with a low blow to take Angle to the mat.

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