TNA Slammiversary Results - New World Champ, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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TNA Knockouts Championship Match
- Mickie James (c) vs. Angelina Love

The bell rings and this one is ready to begin. Both women lock up and Love tosses Mickie away before grabbing her by her hair and tossing her away again. Both ladies go for the hair, but Love comes up with an arm bar instead, wrenching Mickie's arm and sending her down to the mat. Love backs Mickie up into the corner and drives her shoulder into Mickie's midsection repeatedly. Love catches Mickie with a couple of boots to the stomach, but Mickie comes right back with a big hurricarana. Love is quick to respond with a suplex, but James kicks out at two.

James turns things around, but she's pulled to the outside by Winter while the ref isn't looking. Love follows out and begins taking it to James, with big right hands, before sending her back into the ring. Mickie begins fighting back, hitting a couple of big forearms, but Love puts her back down, sending her into the corner. Mickie comes right back out with a big clothesline. Love recovers more quickly and tosses Mickie out to the floor. Love follows and picks Mickie up, but when she goes to slam her into the ring steps, Mickie avoids it and Love goes head first into the ring steps.

Winter checks on Angelina but she's backed away by the ref. Back in the ring both women get to their knees and trade forearms. Angelina gets the upper hand, but Mickie comes right back with a big clothesline. Mickie lays into Love with a couple of big forearms, then clotheslines to take Love off of her feet. Mickie plants Love with a kind of face buster before Mickie goes to the top and leaps off with a Thesz press on top of Love. Winter distracts Mickie and the ref, but Mickie is still able to connect with the chick kick. Mickie goes for the pin and Winter puts Love's foot on the ropes. Love connects with the Botox Injection and goes for the pin but Mickie gets her hand on the rope. Winter tries to push it off but Hebner catches her, warning her. Love goes for something, but Mickie fights it off and goes for a DDT. Winter distracts her and Love goes for something else, but Mickie hits a Northern lights suplex instead, Love kicks out at two. Love goes for a roll up and Winter assists, but James kicks out at two. James goes for, and botches, a jumping DDT, ending this one.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Mickie James

Following the match, Winter attacks a celebrating Mickie, laying her out. Her and Angelina continue the attack until Hebner sends them away.


JB is backstage with Bully Ray. Bully Ray asks what kind of match it is an JB says Last Man Standing. Ray asks JB to repeat it several times. Ray says this match is about being a man, something which AJ and JB know nothing about. Ray says that Styles is nothing but a boy that he can and should have taken out. Ray says he's in the best shape of his life, and he's a wrecking machine. Ray says he'll be the last man standing before apologizing to himself for not getting rid of AJ earlier. He says tonight AJ will realize why Ray is the biggest, baddest mother f'er to step into the ring. This segues into a video package highlighting the events leading into this match.

Last Man Standing Match
- AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray

The bell rings and both men stare each other down for a bit. Both men back up a bit before Ray charges Styles and gets caught with a big kick. Styles continues to work over Ray with pucnhes and kicks. Styles catches Ray in the corner with a couple of big chops and a huge enzugiri. Styles continues to bring the fight to Ray, laying into him with big right hands and chops. Styles tries to clothesline Ray over the top rope, but Ray isn't going. Styles hits the ropes and Ray comes back with a big clothesline. Ray lays into Styles with big rights hands, but it doesn't last long as Styles comes right back with big chops and kicks. Styles hits Ray with a kick to the groin, but Ray comes right back with a back elbow, so AJ hits a head butt before sending Ray into the corner and hitting a big running forearm.

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