TNA Slammiversary Results - New World Champ, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Styles runs in for another move in the corner, but Ray slams him down to the mat hard, stopping his momentum. Ray sends AJ into the ropes and hits a huge back body drop. Ray waits for AJ to get to his feet and splashes him hard in the corner. Ray hits AJ with a big right hand in the corner before sending him to the outside hard. Ray follows, pushing the stairs away from the ring post and setting them up on their side. Ray takes it to AJ with big right hands and clubbing blows across the back before grating AJ's face against the barricade.

Ray picks AJ up and slams him down on top of the sideways ring steps he set up earlier. Ray picks up Styles again and drops him back down a second time. Ray drops the steps on top of Styles, then stands on top of the steps, driving them down into Styles' body. Ray sends Styles into the ring post hard and the ref begins counting but AJ gets back up at five. Ray sends Styles back into the ring and begins posturing for the crowd. Ray traps Styles in the corner and traps his arms, delivering a sick chop to Styles' chest.

Styles asks for another chop, and Ray obliges. Styles drops down to the mat, but gets right back up for another chop. Styles gets right back up and asks for another chop, begging Ray and saying he wants him to chop him. Styles gets back up, more slowly this time, and asks for Ray's best shot. Ray lays in with a big right hand and Styles drops to the mat.

Styles is back up again and he lays into Ray with a couple of big right hands. Ray fights back but Styles comes up with a huge enzugiri to put Ray down. Ray is slow to get back to his feet and when he does he's nailed by a springboard flying forearm from Styles. Ray is able to get back to his feet and catch Styles with a back elbow, but when he goes to the top turnbuckle he's caught by a Pele from AJ. Styles goes to the top and lays in with a couple of big right hands, but when Styles goes for a top rope hurricarana, Ray is able to reverse it into a huge top rope powerbomb.

Both men roll to the outside to get back to their feet and Ray grabs a steel chain. Ray swings the chain, but Styles drops down and Ray connects with the ring post, dropping it. Styles grabs the chain and wraps it around his fist, hitting Ray with a big right hand, and Ray drops down to the floor. When Ray comes back up he's busted wide open. Styles takes Ray around ringside and lays in with some big right hands, to the crowd's delight. Styles sends Ray back into the ring, and follows with a springboard 450 splash.

Ray makes it back to his feet, only to be lifted up by AJ, and dumped over the top rope to the outside. AJ follows with a quick plancha over the top onto Ray. Styles goes for the Styles clash, but Ray fights out of it, picking Styles up and dropping him face first down over the ring apron. Ray picks Styles up and takes him over the the entrance ramp, taking him to the top. Ray goes for a powerbomb off the ramp, but AJ fights out of it and connects with the Pele. Ray grabs on to the side of the ramp for dear life, and AJ kicks Ray, sending him to the floor. AJ waits for Ray to get to his feet, and runs, leaping and flying off of the stage with a big flying forearm to Ray.

Styles is up at 5 and Ray is up at 8. Styles grabs a table and drags it over toward the ramp. He lays into Ray with a couple of right hands before grabbing a fan's chair and hitting Ray across the back. Styles lays Ray across the table, then goes back up to the entrance ramp. Styles goes to the ramp, then jump off onto a supporting truss. Styles climbs the truss going about 20 feet up before launching himself off with a huge flying elbow, sending himself and Ray crashing through the table.

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