-- The Gary Hart autobiography, "My Life in Wrestling…With a Little Help From My Friends," is getting a new, limited print run following months of requests made to Hart's family. The book was self-published by Hart's family and co-written by Phil Varriale, and covers Hart's life in Chicago, his wrestling career, booking, creating personas like The Great Kabuki and Great Muta, Australia, World Class, Bruiser Brody, the NWA, his short WWF run (yes, there was one), and more. You can order the book at playboygaryhart.net

-- Rowdy Roddy Piper recently shared his thoughts on the Warrior vs. Hogan situation; here are the Twitter highlights: "Warrior made some comments I heard that Hogan may sue over. Sex and Wrestling, Warrior talking of Hogan. Hogan talking about Macho. This is not a time to be funny or reckless. I take it very serious! There's a honor a man has to carry with him. I have seen a lot. There's a line that I won't cross for any $ value. I have to catch a plane in 4 hrs. Going to Battle. I will try an address H/W over the weekend.1st. Warriors interviews. Warrior was not making interviews to be analyzed. They were made for the PG audience at the time. For kids! You have to look at the presentation Warrior did a good job presenting. Yes he could have layered it, parents and children could enjoy together. His merchandise. His way. Taking negative about another man's family? YOU CAN DIE FROM THAT!! Nothing to do with business...A thought. Take both Hogan and Warrior together or apart. Do a Shoot Piper's Pit!!! Then again fools rush in were wise men never tread!!"

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