WWE RAW Results (6/13) - Cena Vs. Punk, Piper Vs. Miz... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Christian got disqualified for not breaking a choke at the referee's five count.

Rey Mysterio defeated Christian via DQ

After the match, Christian tried to attack Mysterio on the top, but Mysterio was able to send Christian to the mat. CM Punk started heading to the ring and Mysterio hit him with a flying splash on the outside. Mysterio got back in the ring to turn his attention back to Christian as the Nexus came to ringside. Mysterio went for the 619, but Mason Ryan caught his legs, drug him outside of the ring and nailed him with a series of backbreakers. Ryan put Mysterio back in the ring and Christian hit the killswitch.

Austin is shown talking on the phone in the back when Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero approach him. Vickie asks Austin to give Ziggler a US title match against Kofi Kingston, and Austin agreed on one condition... that he drops Vickie. Austin talks about how he had a manager, and that Ziggler needs to do this on his own. Ziggler agrees to drop her and Vickie starts crying. Austin tells them to relax, and he had actually made the match earlier today.

Back, from commercial and R-Truth heads to the ring and his attack on Morrison from six weeks ago is shown. John Morrison's music hits, but he never comes out. Morrison's music stops. Morrison's music hits again, and once again doesn't come out. Truth takes the mic and asks for Morrison to come out and fight. Truth then says that if he doesn't come to him, then he's going to come for him and heads to the back.

Truth is shown in the back looking for Morrison and Morrison is shown laying while being attended to by several officials. Truth goes over to him and asks if Morrison's neck was hurting, and said how the fans will never see their match and that "he got got" by the future WWE Champion. Truth then grabbed a big crate and rammed it into Morrison. Truth then yelled "take that little Jimmy" as Morrison was attended to. More good stuff from Truth.

Dolph Ziggler heads to the ring while Vickie Guerrero is yelling at him. A video package of Ziggler aired. Jack Swagger then heads to the ring, who will team with Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston

Bourne pinned Swagger with Air Bourne after an assist from Kofi, who kicked Swagger in the head.

Piper's Pit is up next.

A recap of Riley's attack on Miz is shown. Roddy Piper is introduced.

Piper's Pit with the Miz and Alex Riley

Piper opened up by saying how he dropped Mr. T like a bad habit in this ring at WrestleMania 2. Miz came out and started talking about how people always say he's the next Roddy Piper. Piiper interrupts and says that there will never be another Roddy Piper and that makes Miz a Piper wannabe. After they go back and forth for a bit, Piper introduced Alex Riley.

Riley said he didn't want it to happen this way since Miz was his mentor, but that Miz was using him. Miz says he'll beat Riley. Riley says Piper can beat Miz right now. Miz offers a thousand dollars of his own money to face Piper right now. Piper asks for $5,000. Austin comes on screen and makes it official for tonight with both men putting up $5000, and Riley will be special referee.

Roddy Piper vs. The Miz

Miz and Riley started fighting, allowing Piper to roll Miz up and pin the Miz. After the match, Riley and Piper threw Miz out of the ring and celebrated in the ring. Miz yelled that Riley will be done after this Sunday.

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