Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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The Miz's music hits and he heads to the ring. Miz says he's an All Star and you'd have to be a moron to not realize that. He called Alex Riley a moron and said that he'd expose him "like a tweet from Anthony Weiner." Miz said he's going to teach Riley a lesson. He then calls out Steve Austin and says he owes him an apology, and the show won't start until the glass shatters and Austin's music hits and he heads to the ring.

Austin rips Miz for calling him out and tells him to "shut up" before Miz could say anything. Austin tells Miz to keep quiet or he'll stun him. Austin gave Riley props and said that he might be a bigger superstar than Miz someday. Austin grabbed Miz by the tie and said that Miz will be in Piper's Pit later tonight along with Alex Riley, and then tells him to leave the ring. Miz hesitates, and then leaves the ring. Austin then said it's his RAW, before Alberto Del Rio's music hits and he drives to the stage.

Del Rio takes the mic on the stage and introduces himself. Del Rio gets in the ring and talks about how great he is and says that it's his destiny before Austin cuts him off and says that he sees an "a-- whipping" in his future. Austin then says he's wrestling the first match of the night against... Kane's pyro hits.

Kane vs. Alberto Del Rio

Pretty short match. Del Rio is able to lock an arm bar on Kane. Kane makes it to the ropes, but Del Rio won't let go, getting himself disqualified.

Kane defeated Alberto Del Rio via disqualification.

Big Show's music hits and he runs to the ring and charges Del Rio. He starts hammering away on Del Rio. Ricardo Rodriguez tries to interfere, and Show starts beating up Rodriguez as Del Rio runs to the back. Kane tries to calm Show own, and puts him in a sleeper while telling him to calm down and Show eventually relents. Steve Austin comes out and tells Del Rio that he's probably already in his car and he might as well start driving to D.C. since he'll face Show this Sunday at Capitol Punishment. Show's happy and leaves the ring as we head to commercial.

A six man tag is next.

Sin Cara, Ezekiel Jackson and Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and Ted Dibiase

Jackson was Superman in this match, clearing the ring of everyone and planting Barrett in the mat. He then tagged in Cara, who hit a splash on Barrett and got the pin.

Sin Cara, Ezekiel Jackson and Daniel Bryan defeated Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and Ted Dibiase

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