-- Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Rich B for sending in more off-air notes from last night's RAW:

Just a correction to your dark match posting from earlier. Cena did not win by DQ, it was by pinfall as the match was a street fight with the Miz. He pinned Miz after Steve Austin came to the ring and stunned everyone.

During the commercial break between Piper's Pit and the match with Miz, Miz was on the mic the entire time and was really working the crowd. He talked about how all New York Sports Team suck from the Islanders (the arena's home team) to the Yankees.

Biggest Pops:
Stone Cold
Zack Ryder - superstars
Big Show
Sin Cara
Randy Orton
CM Punk

Biggest Heat:
John Cena (massive heat from older crowd)
The Miz

Cena Chants (throughout the entire main event):
"You cant wrestle"
"Fruity Pebbles"
"Cena Sucks"

-- You can check out video of last night's dark match below:

-- TMZ.com has posted Kevin Nash's mugshot from his recent arrest. Charges from the arrest were later dropped due to lack of evidence. You can check out the mugshot at this link, it's pretty amusing. Nash is actually taller than the measuring chart!

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