Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at Here are the highlights…

On Steve Austin: @steveaustinBSR and @R_Roddy_Piper were the two highlights for this old schooler on Monday's Raw. They both know how to fully command an audience and still have 'it.' Austin can be so intense that it bleeds through the TV screen. His Clint Eastwood-esque delivered line to CM Punk...."punk" was golden. @CMPunk and Austin have excellent on screen chemistry and back in the day they would have had a helluva run. Nothing but money.

On R Truth: R Truth' s professional career has never been more elevated. He fits the role that he's in well and it would not shock me to see, by hook or crook, R Truth upset @JohnCena this Sunday on PPV to win the WWE Title. Long shot? Perhaps....but stranger things have occurred on a WWE PPV and no one can argue that a Truth title win wouldn't 're-shuffle the deck.'

On WWE's Top 25 Managers: did a list of WWE's top 25 managers. These lists always encourage plenty of debate. It isn't the list that I would have complied but I enjoyed the feature. Check it out at Leaving off Gary Hart and JJ Dillon made no sense until it was made clear that the list was for WWE alums only. I do agree that Bobby Heenan is a clear cut #1 and is miles ahead of the competition. 'The Brain' is THE BEST MANAGER EVER for my money. Bobby is still battling health issues and I think about him every day. Keep 'The Wease' in your prayers.

On Booker T: Thought Booker T had his best nite to date at the announce table with King and Cole. Way to go Book! Announcing live TV for WWE isn't an easy job especially when one is 'green' in that area and have had little or no formal training or ample practice.

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