Source: R.A.W. Radio

Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas of R.A.W. Radio on theScore on SIRIUS 158 recently spoke with 8 time NWA Champion Harley Race. Here are some highlights:

The King of the Ring being more prestigious than the WWE championship at the time he won it: "I was their (the WWE's) first ever King of the Ring, which to me was a step above being the WWE Champion. I had already been an 8-time NWA heavyweight champion before and the next step up for me was the King of the Ring. At that point in time, the NWA champion was recognized totally around the World - by all the promotions around the World - and not one promotion that dictates to around the World."

On Flair and if he knew he would become a true legend in the sport: "I knew Ric would be something. Anyone that knew Flair back then, knew he had the talent to go absolutely all the way - and he has. Ric had the ability in the ring and he damn sure had the ability to talk and do all that stuff on television. At that time, he was one of the few people who could replace me, because I had similar abilities."

Slamming Andre the Giant before Hulk Hogan did: "I can send you pictures of me slamming Andre the Giant and I had him fully above my head - Hogan got him about chest high. (Hogan claimed to get hurt after performing the famous slam) I didn't. I got him in the position and brought his head full through all in the same motion. It's when those pauses comes in and that weight is allowed to come straight on you, that you get hurt."

To hear the whole interview, click here.

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