-- The Examiner has an interview with Austin Idol about the NWA Legends Fest, you can check it out at this link.

-- The Examiner also has some details about the "Memphis Heat Film" and the NWA Legends Fan Fest at this link.

-- The Big Show was wearing the WWE Intercontinental Title belt when he entered the ring to face Alberto Del Rio in Spain this past weekend. Just FYI, Show is not the champion and oddly enough, Wade Barrett defended the IC title in the match right before the Show - Del Rio match against Ezekiel Jackson (who defeated the champ by DQ). My only guess is that the television in Spain is a ways behind, and Show and Kane losing the tag titles hasn't been shown yet. Since David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty weren't on the tour, Barrett's belt had to do. Again, this is just my guess. You can check out video of Show walking out with the IC belt below at the 6:35 mark.

-- You can check out footage of The Bellas and Kelly Kelly on "The Price is Right" below:

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