A strike in Mexico nearly put an end to CMLL's big show in Mexico tonight. The strike began around 5:30 this morning when Tony Rivera lead a protest with around 100 people who claim that the company doesn't split revenue like they should. Rivera's camp said that the company takes almost all the money while paying the luchadoras 200 pesos ($17) no matter what show. Rivera said that he was treated badly by the company and cut without severance pay; he sued them and won but hasn't been paid and an offer of 9,000 pesos ($756) made by the company was insufficient

The strike went down with buses pilling up in front of Arena Mexico so that no one could enter the building to get it ready for the show. The plan was that they would protest until CMLL President Paco Alonso showed up and met their demands personally, and that they would protest every show until they got what they wanted. Blue Demon Jr . came out in support for the strike, though others such as Angel de Oro, Delta, & Rey Escorpion were called out by Rivera for not supporting it.

The protesters left at 3:50 PM and the doors were opened. There are no details regarding any agreement between EMLL and the protesters but the show is on.

Steve "Dr. Lucha" Sims reported the following news:

Arena Mexico entrances blocked off, Juicio Final in danger

Jun 17

Before 5:30am today, a fleet of buses pulled up in front of the main entrance to Arena Mexico. They were parked in front to obstruct the entrances, to prevent CMLL from opening the doors for tonight's Juicio Final show. There's a protest going on in front of the bus. SuperLuchas was the first to report this story, and a lot of this information is from Enrique Yniesta's (locked) Twitter feed....

...El Barzón Popular, the group supplying most of the people and buses, appears to be a professional protest group. In 2009, they organized a sit in to protest high mortgage interest rates to farmers. Last April, they blocked the entrance to an insurance office for similar reasons. In 2008, they protested rising fertilizer costs and NAFTA. A protest against the national water department earlier this year turned violent, with at least 9 people arrested that day.

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