Jim Ross has posted his latest blog at JRSBARBQ.com. Check out the highlights:

On Capitol Punishment: "WWE's Capitol Punishment from Washington, D.C. is this Sunday on PPV. I'll be watching from the proverbial "comfort of our own home" and am really curious to see how this one turns out. Randy Orton , who is having concussion issues, vs. Christian might well steal the show that is if Orton is medically cleared to compete. R Truth upsetting WWE Champion John Cena would be interesting going forward. This is without question Truth's biggest, professional opportunity to date. Even though Alex Riley is arguably the underdog going into his match with the Miz, Riley has done some nice things lately and seems to be breaking new ground as far as his career is concerned. I like Riley's athleticism and intensity and, win or lose, the former college linebacker seems to be on the right track."

On the idea of a TNA/WWE invasion story: "No...I do not ever foresee a WWE/TNA TV storyline. What benefit would that have to WWE and can anyone with a modicum of common sense not fathom what a nightmare it would be to structure such a matter? The business in general faces enough challenges within their own confines without creating a nightmarish situation as I perceive this would be. Ain't happening folks. No reason for it to happen. Next."

On the Kliq's Curtail Call: "When the infamous Kliq 'Curtain Call' at MSG occurred I have to admit that, being an old school guy, I wasn't overwhelmed with it. Over the years I have grown to understand the matter better and really am indifferent to it at this point in my life. At the time that it occurred, it caused some locker room issues but they were addressed, eventually dismissed and everyone moved on. Kevin Nash discusses this more on the Legends Roundtable which will air next month on WWE On Demand."

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