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Alex Riley defeated The Miz.

Riley celebrated in the ring after the match while the Miz lay dejected outside of the ring.

Sgt. Slaughter was shown backstage talking to a President Obama look-alike. They did some campy bits, and Vickie Guerrero came in and started hitting on the President while singing "Happy Father's Day." Guerrero was escorted away by the secret service, and Slaughter said that it looked like she "got carried away."

A promo for tomorrow night's RAW aired.

They recap the Big Show - Alberto Del Rio angle, and that match is next.

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio started heading to the ring first. Before he could get far, he got ambushed by Big Show on the ramp. Show beat Del Rio down to the ringside area and tossed him around. Show threw Del Rio in the ring, only to get attacked by Mark Henry. Henry threw Show into the announce table. He then got Show up and delivered the World's Strongest Slam through the table! Henry looked like he was leaving, but came back and started ramming Show's left leg into the table.

Del Rio is in the ring asking the referee to start the count. Show was having difficulty getting back to his feet outside of the ring. The referee started the count and Show got back in the ring at 7. Show is in the ring and the bells rings, so the match is just now officially underway.

Show starts off strong, but eventually the injured leg allows Del Rio to take the advantage. Del Rio punished Show's leg, but ran into a chokeslam from Show, which hurt Show as well because of his leg. Del Rio rolled out of the ring as the referee started the count. Del Rio went to the top and tried to attack Show, but was met with another chokeslam attempt, but Del Rio kicked Show's leg to escape.

Del Rio applies the cross arm-breaker on Show's leg, and Show is writhing in pain. Show finally made it to the ropes, forcing Del Rio to break the hold. Show is having difficulty making it to his feet. He finally does, but collapses. The ref then calls the match and Del Rio celebrates.

Alberto Del Rio defeated The Big Show after Show could no longer continue in the match.

Show is helped to the back after the match while Del Rio claps in the ring.

R-Truth is down backstage with the belt asking a photographer to take a pic with him and the belt right now. The photographer points out that the belt says "John Cena", and Truth grabs him by the face and says that he is going to beat Cena.

A promo for the new Nitro DVD aired.

Wade Barrett is being interviewed in the back. He takes the mic and starts cutting a promo while walking to the ring talking about how he doesn't like Washington D.C., and the city needs a king or a queen. He rips on Anthony Weiner's resignation, the national debt and the education system. He continues to rip on the U.S. and calls it a hollow shell, like Ezekiel Jackson. Jackson's music hits, and this match is underway.

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Wade Barrett (c) vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Loud "USA" chants to start the match. Jackson used his power to dominate the opening moments of the match. Barrett is able to kick "Big Zeke" in the leg and turn the tide. He hits a sideslam for a two count.

Barrett continues his offense, and gets several two counts. Jackson is able to nail Barrett with a series of clothelines, but Barrett is able to thwart Jackson's bodyslams and hits Wasteland, but Jackson kicked out at two. Barrett dropped forearms to Jackson's head, but Jackson is able to catch a kick and nails his succession of bodyslams. He then applied the torture rack, forcing Barrett to tap. Below average match.

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