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Randy Orton (c) defeated Christian to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match Christian complained to the ref that his foot was under the ropes. While he was complaining, Orton nailed him with a belt shot. Orton then celebrated with the belt.

A promo for Money In The Bank aired.

A recap of the John Cena and R-Truth feud is shown.

Jack Swagger's music hits and there is a special "bonus attraction."

Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne

Both guys worked hard, but the crowd was quiet for the match. Swagger dominated the majority of the match using his obvious size advantage.

Late in the match, Swagger hit the splash from the second rope, but got a two count. Bourne would manage to get in spurts of offense, only for Swagger to get back in control. Swagger was able to plant a big boot in Bourne's face for a two count. He placed Bourne on the second rope and they traded punches. Bourne hit a flying DDT, but only got a two count.

Bourne hit Swagger in the head with a pair of kicks but missed Airbourne. After a series of reversals, Swagger went for an ankle lock and Bourne was able to roll Swagger up and get the three count.

Evan Bourne defeated Jack Swagger.

Another promo for tomorrow's RAW aired.

"Barack Obama" is introduced to the crowd. I do have to say, the impersonator does a good job, but the material is terrible. "Obama" talks about how he watches RAW every Monday night, and states that he is not the anonymous GM. He wishes John Cena and R-Truth luck, and calls Truth the Joe Biden of WWE. He asks who's ready for the main event and then thanks everyone and heads off to the back. Booker T stops him and asks "Obama" to come to the ring. Booker says it's a pleasure to meet him and talks about how he has made history being the first black man elected President, and being the first President to receive the nobel peace prize... but can you do "the spinaroonie." Booker does the spinaroonie. Booker asks the crowd if they want to see the "Barack-a-roonie." "Obama" then does a "spinaroonie" and this segment is mercifully over.

WWE Championship Match
John Cena (c) vs. R-Truth

Both R-Truth and Cena received mixed reactions during the ring introductions, although Cena received more boos. Loud dueling "Let's Go Cena" / "Cena Sucks" chants to start the match.

The match is back-and-forth early on. Truth at one point hit the corkscrew elbow for a two count. He followed up with a running clothesline for another two count. Truth worked Cena over with punches and nailed Cena with a clothesline shortly after. The match is really slow early on.

Truth locked in a leg scissors but Cena was able to break out, only to be knocked down again. Truth continued to punish Cena.

Cena was able to dodge a legdrop and turned the tide. Cena hit the five knuckle shuffle and went for the AA, but Truth reversed and got a two count. Truth lunged at Cena and missed, and Cena locked in the STF but Truth made the ropes. Truth kicked Cena in the gut and hit a scissor kick for a two count.

Truth managed to get another close two count and Cena rolled out of the ring. Truth went outside and started messing with the fans, and took a kid's Cena hat and started drinking his soda. The kid then threw the soda in Truth's face and Cena threw Truth in the ring and followed up with an AA and got the win. Pretty poor match.

John Cena defeated R-Truth to retain the WWE Championship.

After the match, Cena brought the kid in the ring with him and celebrated.

For another, more detailed set of results for tonight's PPV, click here.

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