Another Detailed Set Of WWE Capitol Punishment Results

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Show struggles to get back up to his feet, using the ring ropes for support. Del Rio stalks Show. Show gets to his feet, but falls back to his knees. The ref says if Show can't get to his feet he'll have to call the match. Show gets to his feet, than falls flat on his stomach. The ref talks to Show for a bit, then calls the match due to Show's inability to compete.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio is quick to celebrate as soon as he's announced as the winner. He stares down Show with a bad look in his eyes, but the ref is quick to back him off as trainers come down to check out Show. Show is helped to the back by trainers and Del Rio continues to celebrate in the ring.


Truth is backstage with a photographer, and he's saying the photographer might as well go ahead and take pictures of Truth with the belt, because he'll be tired and sweaty after the match. The photographer points out that Cena's name is on the belt, and Truth freaks out, and says he's talking about pictures and the Photographer's talking about name plates. Truth says tonight he will win the Championship, then storms off.

In the Arena:

Wader Barrett is backstage with Matt Striker. Barrett takes the mic and says he'll take it from here, walking through the backstage area. Barrett says they're in the nation's capitol, and he's glad to be here, because he knows what this place needs, and it's a king or a queen. Barrett walks out on the entrance ramp. He asks isn't this the same place where someone had to resign from elected office due to tweeting pictures of himself in his underwear. Barrett then runs down the Educational system, and the national debt. He then says everyone in the arena will be speaking Chinese in 20 years. He says America is nice from the outside, but inside is a hollow shell, much like his opponent Ezekiel Jackson. He says that he is a very well read man, and he can quote to Zeke, like Zeke likes quoting himself. He says everyone here tonight is going to witness Barrett destroy Jackson.

Intercontinental Championship
Wade Barrett (c) vs. Ezekiel Jackson

The bell rings and the crowd chants USA, and neither competitor is American as Barrett is British and Jackson is from South Africa. Jackson knocks Barrett to the mat and chases him into the corner. Barrett comes out with punches to the head, and Jackson hoists Barrett up into the rack, but Barrett wiggles right out of it. Barrett goes for a clothesline and Jackson ducks, laying in with some huge blows across the back. Jackson goes for a splash in the corner, but Barrett moves, so Jackson hits him with a clothesline to the back of the head instead. Barrett catches Jackson with a quick kick to the knee, and he follows it up with a boot to the face for a near fall. Jackson tries to fight back, but Barrett comes up with a big side walk slam, which is good for another two.

Barrett locks in a rear chin lock, and Jackson fights up to his feet. Barrett goes for a pump handle slam, but Jackson fights out of it, so Barrett counters into a roll up for a two count. Barrett catches Jackson with a kick to the gut, and follows up with a big pump handle slam, for another near fall. Barrett catches Jackson with a big kick and stomps away at him in the corner. Barrett lays in with punches and kicks, catching some anger from the referee. Barrett goes for a big boot in the corner, but Jackson moves and Barrett winds up hung up on the top turnbuckle. Jackson hits Barrett with three big splashes, then a fourth in the corner. Barrett tries for a splash of his own, but Jackson moves. Barrett is able to get Jackson on his shoulders and he delivers the wasteland, but Jackson kicks out at a two count.

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