CM Punk's music and he heads to the ring. Punk rips on Baltimore, and says that the crowd won't be able to influence him. He says he's the best wrestler in the world and touts his victories over Rey Mysterio and John Cena. He says he's the #1 contender and asks the RAW GM to make it official that he's the top contender, and he wants the match at the "Money in the Bank" PPV. The RAW GM chimes in and says he will take Punk's demands under consideration, but Punk has to leave the ring. Punk refuses, and the GM says that Punk will have to earn the top contender spot and he will face Alberto Del Rio later tonight. Punk still doesn't leave, and the GM says it will now be a triple threat match with Punk, Del Rio and Mysterio.

Brie Bella will defend her Divas title against either Eve, Kelly Kelly or Beth Phoenix. The challengers are shown backstage as we head to a commercial.

Brie Bella defending her title is up now and the fans voted for Kelly Kelly, who got 53% of the vote.

WWE Divas Championship
Brie Bella (c) vs. Kelly Kelly

Kelly tried to roll Bella up, however Bella reversed. Kelly reversed again and got the pin!

Kelly Kelly defeated Brie Bella (c) to become the new WWE Divas Champion

Jerry Lawler interviewed Kelly after the match, who was crying and said she will make everyone proud.

A video package aired on Evan Bourne, and he's wrestling next against either Jack Swagger, Sin Cara or Mason Ryan.

Evan Bourne hits the ring and awaits his opponent... Mason Ryan, who receives 51% of the vote.

Evan Bourne vs. Mason Ryan

Loud "Batista" chant early on. Ryan dominated the majority of the match and defeated Bourne with a Rock Bottom.

Mason Ryan defeated Evan Bourne

Kane vs. Mark Henry is up next, with fans voting on the stip. Mark Henry is shown in the back walking to the ring as we head to commercial.

They recap the Henry stretcher job from SmackDown!. They recap the Henry attacking Show from last night's PPV.

Henry enters the ring and grabs the mic. Henry says that when Show walks, the earth shakes, but when he walks, all the people shake. He says bigger is not always better and when you mess with him, "somebody's gonna get their a-- kicked." Back to a commercial, and Henry vs. Kane is next.

Back from break and fans voted for an arm wrestling match.

Kane vs. Mark Henry (arm wrestling match)

After Henry stalled initially, the finally locked hands and went back and forth. The match ended up like every other arm wrestling match in pro wrestling history, with Henry cheap-shotting Kane. Kane got some offense in, but Henry regained the advantage and beat Kane down. He continued the beating outside of the ring and rammed him into the post. He then cleared the announce table, and delivered the World's Strongest Slam on Henry through the table. Fans chanted "you suck" as Henry stood over Kane and then headed to the back.

A recap of R-Truth's feud with John Cena is shown.

Truth hit the ring as the crowd chanted "you suck." Truth blames losing to Cena on "Little Jimmy," saying he "got got by Little Jimmy." Truth continues to rant against "Jimmy's" and Christian's music hits. He says that he feels where Truth is coming from and calls the "Power to the People" a complete joke. He blames the people for losing the title to Randy Orton and horrible crowds, general managers and referees for losing the subsequent rematches. He asks Truth to watch the footage of the finish of his match with Orton, where his foot was under the ropes. He said he wants another opportunity, and Truth asks how many opportunities he's had and said he lost the title due to "little Jimmy". A "Little Jimmy" chant broke out. The Miz's music hits and he comes out to rant, calling Truth and Christian "whiners", and says that his gripes are legitimate. Christian said that Miz was just fighting his apprentice, while he and Truth were in title matches. The segment started to turn into a cheesy comedy routing when Teddy Long's music hit and he came out. Long said that Truth, Christian and Miz will team up tonight to face John Cena, Alex Riley and Randy Orton, with the people choosing the stip.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler for the U.S. title with fans deciding the stip is up next.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and introduces the new U.S. Champion, Dolph Ziggler. The duo head to the ring. Kofi's in next.

The stipulations are 2 out of 3 falls, Vickie banned from ringside or a submission match. Shockingly, 2 out of 3 falls wins out.

Two-Out-Of Three Falls US Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi takes the fight to the champ right off the bat. Dolph manages to get Kofi out of the ring and gain the advantage as we head to break.

Back from commercial, and it's announced that Ziggler got the first fall during the break after hitting the Zig Zag on Kofi on the outside floor, and then bringing him in the ring to get the pin. The second fall is in progress.

Kofi wins the second fall. During the third fall, Ziggler nailed Kofi outside of the ring with a microphone to get disqualified. Ziggler loses the match but retains the title. I remember a match back in the day between Demolition and The Brain Busters. Demolition lost the second fall via DQ, and then lost the third via pinfall and they lost the WWF tag team titles.

Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler in a two out of three falls match.

After the match, Ziggler rolled Kofi in the ring but Kofi nailed him with TIP to lay Ziggler out. The triple threat contender's match is next with fans deciding the stip.

Shawn Michaels will be on hand for RAW next week, presumably to plug his new show.

Alberto Del Rio is introduced, and he enters the ring in a white Bentley. The stips are no DQ, falls count anywhere or a submission match and that match will take place after the break.

Back from break, and Punk is next in the ring followed by Mysterio. Falls count anywhere wins with 66%.

Falls Count Anywhere for the #1 Contendership
Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

As expected, these three had a great match. Mysterio hit a 619 and followed up with a splash. CM Punk threw Mysterio off and stole the pin to become the new #1 contender.

CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio to become the new #1 contender.

After the win, Punk gets the mic and says that not only is July 17th the Money in the Bank PPV, it's also the night that he defeats John Cena. He says that the brutal honesty is that July 17th is the day his contract with WWE comes to an end. Punk then says that he's leaving once his contract is up, and he's leaving with the WWE Championship. Interesting way to work his contract issues into this storyline.

Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan is coming up, and the choices for the stip are a Paper bag match, a no count out match or a collegiate rules match.

Back from break and Daniel Bryan is in the ring. Cody Rhodes makes his entrance. The fans voted on a "No Count Out" match with 51%

No Count Out Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes

Short match with Bryan pinning Rhodes with a roll up.

Daniel Bryan defeated Cody Rhodes.

After the match, Bryan locked the LeBell lock on Rhodes, but Ted Dibiase hit the ring and the former Legacy members beat Bryan down. Rhodes hit Bryan with the Cross-Rhodes, and then they proceeded to put a bag on Bryan's head.

A dance contest with Vickie Guerrero vs. Michael Cole, Booker T or Jerry Lawler is up next. Ugh.

Back from break, and Vickie is in the ring and says that she will win this dance off, and she's had 15 years of dance training in ballet and erotic dance. She does Sable's old catchphrase, but it's a little backwards, as she says "this is for all the men who came to see me and all the women who want to be me." She dances for a second, and then gets Matt Striker in the ring and starts making out with him. The fans vote for Michael Cole with 47%. No doubt about it now, this thing is rigged.

Cole gets in the ring, and you guessed it, danced like an a--. He attempts a worm and a spinarronie, and then asks Booker T if he "can dig that, SUCKA!" When it came time for the fans to vote, both Vickie and Cole were booed. Striker said we'll go by who got the loudest boos, which was Cole. As Cole celebrated on the second rope, Vickie threw him to the mat and then proclaimed herself the winner.

The six man tag is up next. The stips you can vote on are a one fall to a finish match, a 20 minute time limit match or an elimination match.

Wow guys, over 600+ comments and counting. I said it before, you guys are awesome!

RAW Roulette returns next week. They plug HBK being there next week as well.

Main event time. After the entrances, it's announced that the fans chose an elimination match for 79%. That match is up next.

Elimination Match
R-Truth, Christian and The Miz vs. John Cena, Alex Riley and Randy Orton

Christian got the first elimination after pinning Alex Riley following the killswitch with an assist from the Miz, who nailed Riley first with the SCF. Miz is out next, after being pinned by Cena after the champ nailed him with an AA. Orton eliminates Truth with an RKO, and Christian follows up by nailing Orton with a spear and pinning him.

It's down to Cena and Christian. Christian was celebrating, and ended up getting nailed with an RKO. Cena then put Christian in the STF, forcing "Captain Charisma" to tap.

John Cena won a six-man elimination tag team match.

After the match, Cena and Orton celebrated.

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