Report Of Edge On SyFy’s Sanctuary

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Report Of Edge On SyFy’s SanctuaryCredit: TerriBey and

I just watched Edge in the season finale of the SyFy series of "Sanctuary." I admit I do not watch this series, so I really am not all that familiar with the show or the characters as I only watched it because Edge was on, and the plot was hard to follow, so I will mainly give a review of Edge's performance.

Edge played this Abnormal who was part of this group that was on a camp. The bunch of them all had these creepy eyes (they, including Edge, wore contacts). He was wearing a tank top, and arm bands. His character did a couple of fight scenes and his group eventually held a bunch of the Sanctuary members (I am guessing, like I said, I don't follow this show at all.) hostage and made demands to the Sanctuary that they had two hours to give into his group's demands.

I thought Edge gave a very good performance. He was playing a bad guy, and he delivered his lines well. He gave very good facials. I really enjoyed his performance in the episode. The fight scenes he did were very good as well.

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