Thanks to reader Eric J. Calcara for sending these more detailed results from last night's SmackDown! tapings:

To begin the show, Teddy Long called out Christian and talked to him about the shady finish of his match with Randy Orton at Capitol Punishment. Christian demanded another title match because he got screwed. Teddy Long told Christian that he would have to EARN another title match. And that opportunity would come later tonight against... Kane!

In the first match of the night, Sin Cara beat Ted Dibiase, Jr. A cameraman actually had to point to where Sin Cara was supposed to be looking at the end of the match. Wow...

Next, Cody Rhodes beat Daniel Bryan . The "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes was used as part of Daniel Bryan's pre-match promo. I caught Booker T & Michael Cole joking around with a paper bag during the match. Ted Dibiase, Jr. came out mid-way through the match to be in Cody's corner. At this point, I thought Cody received the biggest heat of the night, until... (more on that later)...

Next, Mark Henry attacked Big Show in a backstage segment.

Then Big Zeke beat Wade Barrett clean in a rematch for the Intercontinental Title. Afterwards, Gabriel & Slater were making fun of Wade backstage.

Gabriel & Slater come out and beat the Uso's.

Yoshi Tatsu was beaten up in the ring by Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali. Mahal cut a promo, which I believe earned him the biggest heat of the night (surpassing even that of Cody Rhodes earlier). Much like Sin Cara, a cameraman actually had to point to where Mahal was supposed to be looking after his promo.

Christian & Kane were having a pretty good match with A LOT of near falls. At the end, Mark Henry ran out to attack Kane, causing a DQ and a very upset Christian. Teddy Long came out and said that Christian had just lost the match (implying that he would not receive another title shot), but then Teddy said that Christian had a chance to "redeem" himself in a tag match. Christian/Henry vs. Kane/Orton. If Christian's team wins, he earns another title shot.

The tag match went on for awhile, before it ended with a Mark Henry pin on Randy Orton, allowing Christian's team to win, and therefore give Christian one more title opportunity (presumably at Money in the Bank). The show ended with Christian standing in the ring, holding the title, on top of a fallen Randy Orton.

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