Another Report From The Awesome ROH-NYC I-PPV

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Result: Jay Lethal via pinfall @ 9:44.
Rating: ***
My thoughts: This was a really fun bout, and I welcome Lethal in Ring of Honor with open arms. Bennett has grown leaps and bounds and I enjoyed this one. Lethal didn't CARRY the match either, which surprised me (in a good way). Good match up.

After the match we get Jay inducing a pretty great "ROH" chant whenever he hits the respective letter on the canvas.

Next up is the BARRIO STREET FIGHT. Homicide is out first and he's got a mic. He calls Rhino "Nana's b---h boy from Detroit". He says we're in the greatest city in the world and the lights dim for the Man Beast. Rhino is met with a great ovation. This should be good.

Match #3: Homicide vs. Rhino

Rhino slides in and they start brawling immediately. Rhino is in early control, but Homicide turns that around with a headscissor takedown that sends Rhino to the floor. Tope con hilo from Homicide!!! Cide throw Rhino back into the ring and covers for nothing. Rhino gets a flapjack on Homicide and punts his gut. Vaulting body press to the outside from Rhino misses!! Homicide puts Rhino on the timekeepers table and looks for a piledriver from the apron. Rhino backdrops Homicide off the apron though and Cide goes through the table! Rhino pulls a ladder out from under the ring and throws it inside! He goes for Homicide but he's fighting back. Mounted punches in the corner of the outside and Homicide bites Rhino. Homicide is chasing Nana but Rhino stops him. Throws 187 into the barricade and gets a running kick! Back in the ring, Rhino has the ladder and jabs it into the midsection of Homicide. Rhino wants a suplex onto the ladder, but Cide reverses position and hits a suplex of his own! Homicide perches the ladder against the bottom rope. Rhino tosses Cide into the ladder! Ouch! Military press to Homicide and a drop into the ladder and Rhino taunts the crowd!! Nana is complaining on the apron. Shots from Rhino but Cide reverses it. Rhino puts Cide up for a DVD but 187 slides off and drops Rhino into the middle turnbuckle. Diving shoulder tackle off the top from Homicide gets 2. He goes for a lariat but Rhino blocks it. PILEDRIVER from Rhino. He stalls for a second, hooks the leg, and pins!!! "f--k you Rhino" chants and Rhino loves it. Rhino sets Homicide up top. He wants a superplex but Homicide is fighting back, pushing Rhino to the floor. Body splash eats knees. Rhino is looking for the Gore!! Cide kicks Rhino though and nails an Ace Crusher! 1...2....nope!! Homicide rolls to the floor and he's looking for a weapon. A table is his choice. Wise decision! He puts it in the ring and goes to set it up. Rhino clubs the back of Homicide before it's up and sets it up in the corner now. I feel like I've seen how this ends before...Anyways, back up, belly to belly suplex from Rhino and Homicide is down in front of the corner with the table. GORE ATTEMPT!! NO! Homicide jumps over him and gets a BEAUTIFUL sunset flip! 1....2....3!!! Homicide wins!

After the match, Nana is in the ring and Homicide is trying to mess him up...but no! Rhino hits the GORE THROUGH THE TABLE! It's being sold like death as there are already many in the ring crew checking on Homicide as The Embassy retreat to the back.

Result: Homicide via pinfall @ about 10:20.
Rating: ***1/4
My thoughts: I know that a motivated Rhino can be a good thing, but damn, this was much better than even my high hopes for the match. Everything was well-executed and if Homicide is really departing from the company for now, this gets the Gore over in a HUGE way. I approve.

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