Another Report From The Awesome ROH-NYC I-PPV

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Next up is Steve Corino vs. Michael Elgin. Corino is out first and he's with Jimmy Jacobs. I'm really loving this angle and will have a massive fangasm if we see Steen's face tonight. No homo of course. LOTS of streamers for Corino. Steve Corino has a mic and he's met with "We Want Steen" chants. Meee tooo New too. "New York City and everyone watching around the world. My name is Steve Corino and I'm an evil person. But everyday, me and Jimmy Jacobs are trying to get a little bit better." He talks about Jimmy Jacobs telling him that he needed to make a change and they've done it. But there's someone else that wants to make a change. "Mr. Wrestling" chants. "Jim Cornette, ROH officials, and the new owners...I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I had to do, but everyone deserves a second chance. Ladies and gentlemen: Mr. Wrestling, Kevin Steen! Steen is up in the balcony! He was disgused as a fan as he pulled off something that was covering him. He goes to jump the guardrail but officials, Cornette, refs, and the ring crew won't let him take a step further. Streamers are being thrown at the guy and he's turned away. People boo and then fire up a "Mr. Wrestling" chant and it is very loud. Steen offers his hand to Jim Cornette and he shakes it. But then Kevin Steen turns around and leaves peacefully. "Bulls--t" Michael Elgin jumps into the ring and the match is on!

Match #4: Steve Corino vs. Michael Elgin

Shots to Corino and a chop before Corino starts to get pumped up and fights back. A couple slams to Elgin and Corino is in control. Irish whip to the corner and a running chop! Another chop and Elgin piefaces Corino. They go face to face before Elgin gives Corino a boot to the gut. Shoulder tackles in the corner. Whips Corino across the ring, and Steve avoids Elgin. Back suplex! Clothesline to Elgin doesn't take him down. Another one and Elgin rebounds with a clothesline of his own, but Steve gets the abdominal stretch! He struggles to avoid the thumb in the butt, but delivers it to a pretty good ovation. Elgin rolls to the floor. Suicide dive CAUGHT BY ELGIN and he has him on his shoulder and gets an Oklahoma slam using the barricade! Martini taunts the crowd as Jacobs rallies Corino to his feet. Back into the ring and Corino hits Elgin in the face but gets powered into the corner. Elgin eats two boots before Corino goes for a downward spiral, but Elgin fights him off. Northern lights suplex from Elgin! 1..2...kickout from Corino. Elgin seems to be setting up for a packaged piledriver! Corino backdrops him out. Corino charges Elgin in the corner but eats post. Elgin gets up top and gets a Boston Crab in the turnbuckle!! He releases before 5. Series of clotheslines to Steve and he goes for a third not in the corner, but Corino turns it into a discus clothesline! Corino sets up for the sliding lariat but Truth trips him up! Jimmy Jacobs has Martini by the hair but Elgin grabs him. Schoolboy from Corino! He's out at two but Corino keeps it going and gets a running knee to the head. Up at 2! Elgin manages to hit a very impressive combo on Steve including a superkick and a suplex but he refuses to pin him! He then gets a sitout powerbomb! 1...2...NO! A spinning powerbomb follows that and gets the 3 for Elgin.

After the match, Elgin and Truth beatdown Corino. Jacobs gets in there and starts to unload on Elgin before getting hit by the Book of Truth. Elgin has Jacobs in position for a powerbomb and nails it. KEVIN STEEN IS HERE! HE JUMPS THE RAILS AND GETS A TOSS-UP POWERBOMB ON ELGIN! Truth nails Steen with the Book of Truth but it doesn't faze him! SUPERKICK to Martini! Cornette is trying to get Steen to leave but Corino tells NYC to chant "Let him talk". Steen has the mic and says all he wants is to make things right. He wants the chance to apologize. He wants to tell Steve, Jim, ROH, the fans, and the new owners..."My name is Kevin Steen....and f--k RING OF HONOR!!" Packaged piledriver to Corino and the ringside area swarms on Steen. "Ole" chants as Kevin Steen is escorted out of the building. Jim Cornette swears on his mother's grave that this is the last that anyone here will see of Steen in Ring of Honor. NYC chants "We Want Steen".

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