Another Report From The Awesome ROH-NYC I-PPV

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Result: Michael Elgin via pinfall @ about 8:26.
Rating: **1/2
My thoughts: Wow....that was an unbelievable segment. The pre-match promo, match, and post-match segment get ***** from me, but my rating is just for the match. Elgin is quite capable and I'm really appreciating his growth. At first I had no interest in the new talents in Ring of Honor, but I'm quickly becoming fans of Elgin, Bennett, and Ciampa. Great stuff.

Back from intermission and Kevin Kelly tells us that Corino is being treated medically in back. The TV title match is up next. Generico is out first and he's showered with the largest streamer treatment of the night so far. Daniels is out next and gets a couple streamers as well. He's also very...gyrate-y, and he's rubbing the belt suggestively. Hopefully he's not taking on a more sexual gimmick. I have no desire to see that...

Match #5 for the Ring of Honor Television Championship: Christopher Daniels (c) vs. El Generico

The match starts abruptly when Daniels jumps Generico and takes charge for the first minute. Generico finally gets some momentum behind him and backflips off the top rope over Daniels, landing on his feet, and gets a couple armdrags sending Daniels to the floor. Baseball slide through the ropes and Generico is pursuing Daniels on the floor. Whip into the barricade! Daniels flips off Generico and EG gets a big chop to the chest. The ref's count is at 17. Daniels breaks the count. Daniels whips Generico into the barricade, but he jumps up and moonsaults off it! Ole....ole ole ole... ole.....ole!! Indeed New York. Daniels throws Daniels back into the ring and the Fallen Angel is begging for mercy. He offers his hand but Generico is hesitant. He gives in as Daniels makes his way to his feet. b---h slap for a b---h on Daniels! Generico gets mounted punches in the corner, but Daniels pushes him off and they're both down after a clothesline from Daniels. Daniels is up first and punches the supine luchador repeatedly. Choke with a boot. Choke across the second rope. Daniels runs across the ring and hits Generico with his thigh. JARRETT STRUT! "f--k TNA" as Daniels smiles. Drop toe hold from the champ sends Generico into the middle rope. Knee to the masked man. Guillotine on the apron. Daniels is on the apron and teases a 450 but instead just chokes Generico with his shin. Crowd boos and Daniels starts his own "I still got it" chant that the crowd soon turns into "Austin Aries" for some reason. Sweet. Sunset flip by Generico!! Daniels takes back the advantage and gets some headscissor chokes in the ropes on El Generico, breaking before 5 each time. Daniels taunts and then pins for 2. Chinlock from Daniels. Generico works his way up to his feet but Daniels knocks him back down. Cobra clutch from Daniels and Generico is out. He runs into a powerslam into a body slam. Arabian press from gets 2. Hard chops by Daniels in the corner. Generico starts to fight back, but is thwarted for his efforts. Whip to Generico into the corner and he EXPLODES out with some clotheslines! Generico ducks Daniels and he's sent over the top to the floor. Flipping senton over the top rop to the floor!! OLE! Back in the ring. HUGE top rope cross body from EG!!! Crowd is applauding Generico on! He goes for a back suplex and Daniels fights out. Generico pulls him BACK in and gets the Blue Thunder Powerbomb!!! Generico wants the half Nelson suplex but Daniels gets a downward spiral and the KOJI CLUTCH is locked in! Crowd cheering EG on...and he gets his foot on the rope! Daniels is forced to break. Chinbreaker from Daniels and he wants Angels Wings...and Generico backdrops him over! Daniels is able to hit Last Rites though! 1....2...Generico gets the shoulder up!! Generico uses Daniels tights to pull himself up and take a forearm to the face. Another one. He blocks the third and connects with a right! They trade shots! Boo! Yay! Boo! Yay! Yay! Yay! Boo! Boo! Boo! Series of counter and Generico eats a palm strike. Daniels eats a big boot! Generico wants a Brainbuster but Daniels powers into the corner!! YAKUZA KICK FROM EG!! BRAINBUSTER! 1...2....THR-NO!! Ole chants!! Generico puts Daniels in the Tree of Woe and heads to the adjacent corner! FLIPPING COAST TO COAST! 1....2....3!!! Daniels had his arms on the rope! Great camera work to hide it from us!! They're on the apron now and Generico wants a BBuster! Daniels rakes the eyes though and tosses Generico into a ring crew guy AND the barricade! Daniels gets a vertical suplex on the floor! Daniels tells the ref to start the count and the Fallen Angel is already strapping his championship belt back on inside the ring. Very nice heel tactic there. Generico is back in! Daniels yells at him that he should have stayed on the floor. BIG overhand chop from EG. Release uranage from Daniels and he signals for the BME. He goes for it and Generico gets the boot up!! YAKUZA KICK! He sets him up top...BRAINBUSTAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! 1....2....3!! New champion!!!

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