Another Report From The Awesome ROH-NYC I-PPV

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Result: El Generico via pinfall @ about 19:26 to become the NEW Ring of Honor Television Champion
Rating: ****
My thoughts: Man, now I really want Revolution: Canada to come out on DVD so I can see their non-title bout there! Generico was showered with streamers post-match and that's how I felt about the encounter. Great stuff here and they have excellent chemistry with one another. And FINALLY El Generico wins some singles gold in Ring of Honor.

The Kings of Wrestling are out first for their match and the guy who does their entrance them is rapping it live. That was pretty cool. Next out are King and Titus. The Briscoes follow with a new look. Jay's got a skull mask for the lower half of his face (a bandana) and Mark has a USA themed one. They're in pants. I like it. Here come the champions, Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team.

Match #6 for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship: Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (c) vs. The Kings of Wrestling vs. The All Night Express vs. The Briscoes

Forgive me a head of time because I'm pretty bad at getting all the action during multi-man matches. We start with Haas and Titus. Haas rolls out of the ring and gives his shirt to a young fan and hold him up to a nice pop. They tie up and Haas gets a take down and rides Titus, grabbing a front chancery, and holding it during a roll. Titus is up and tries to send Haas into the corner, but Charlie kicks the leg of Titus and is now working it after a sweep and a leg lock. Rhett finds a unique way out and ends up with an abdominal stretch. Hip toss by Haas and he sends Titus to the apron. He runs into a shoulder Rhett goes for a slingshot but Charlie repositions and turns it into a backbreaker! Very nice! 1....2...kickout. We now get a tag to Kenny King. Charlie tags Shelton. This should be fun. "This is wrestling" chant. Lock up from the two and it's at a stalemate so they break it up. Another lock up and Shelton gets a side headlock. King launches Shelton into the ropes but gets a shoulder block. King gets up, leapfrogs Shelton, and gets a nice dropkick! The two lock up again and another side headlock from Benjamin. King is muscling out but then elbows Shelton in the gut and gets a headlock of his own. Shelton lifts him over but King rolls through and has the headlock on the ground now. Back to their feet and Shelton tosses Kenny off. Kenny ducks the dragon whip! Shelton ducks the cartwheel kick from King, catches him on his shoulder and Kenny escapes. Middle rope crossbody from Benjamin! Nice exchange there. Tag to Haas. Something's hit and he gets a two count. King knocks Mark Briscoe to the ground and Claudio tags Haas on the back. Claudio teases the big swing on King but instead drops an elbow. He teases an uppercut but gets a side headlock takeover. Kenny is on his feet and tries to push Claudio off him, but Claudz holds onto the headlock. King tries to muscle out and Claudio pushes him into his corner. Tag to Hero. Double big boot and a KoW taunt. 1 count for Hero when he chooses to finally pin King. Chop knocks King down and Hero stomps him. King gets a flurry of shots and runs the ropes. Mark Briscoe gets the knee up at the ropes and King knocks both Briscoes off the apron. King tags Titus and gets a monkey flip on Hero, then Rhett gets a big dropkick. I feel like that was supposed to be one double team move, not two singles moves, but whatever. Tag to King. Manhattan drop and a diving move from King gets 2. Another tag to Titus. Running boot to the arm of Hero. Short arm clothesline. Two count. Rhett wrenches the arm and shoulder blocks the shoulder of Hero several times. Side headlock on Hero and we get a tag to Claudio. Rhett runs into an uppercut. Claudio poses, and gives a leg drop to Titus. He's twisting the head of Titus as he fights back up. Snapmare from Claudio and Claudio wrenches the neck some more. Rhett gets up and Claudio pushes him into the Briscoes corner. They EXPLODE on Rhett. They then cheap shot the WGTT so Haas is in! Valuting body press to Jay on the floor. Mark sends Titus over the top onto his brother and WGTT. The Kings and Mark in the ring and Mark elevates Claudio to the floor. He moonsaults off the top rope onto the heap of bodies. King and Hero in the ring. Big boot from Chris Hero and Hero gets a moonsault OVER the top rope onto the pile of bodies!! Kenny King is the last one in the ring. He climbs up top but Claudio stops him. Claudio is on the apron, and climbs to the second rope! He is setting something up...but SHELTON JUMPS UP AND SUPLEXES THEM BOTH INTO THE RING!! The Briscoes attack Benjamin and get double team shoulder blocks. Haas is knocked off the apron and it seems like Jay and Shelton are active right now. Tag to Mark. Middle rope fist drop on Shelton gets two. Mark and Shelton go at it until Mark drops down and Shelton runs into a leg lariat from Jay. I may have mixed up the Briscoes there, but I don't know. Anyways, Jay has a reverse chinlock on Shelton right now. Shelton makes his way to his feet but Jay gets him back down. Hero catches Jay by surprise with a tag and he's the legal man now. He grabs Shelton by the leg, drags him across the ring and tags Claudio for a double team leg split. Frequent tags between the Kings and they've done this three times now. Claudio's the legal man and he's got the arm of Benjamin locked up. Shelton gets to his feet and lays on Claudio with some rights. Mark Briscoe gets the blind tag on Hero and he suplexes Shelton. 1...2...kickout. We're 20 minutes in with no elimination yet. Shots to the upper back of Benjamin. Shelton avoids Jay and tags Charlie Haas! He's taking it to the Briscoes! Suplex to Jay! Suplex to Mark! Haas is on fire but Rhett steals his thunder with a blind tag. Jump-over fameasser from Rhett on Mark. He catches a slingshot shoulder block from Jay and makes it a Northern Lights suplex! Mark gets a huge avalanche on Rhett though and the momentum is now with the Briscoes. Double team moves get the Briscoes 2 on Titus. King and Jay in the ring now. Big boot from Jay. Mark pulls King up for Jay to NAIL him with a neckbreaker! We see the Doomsday Device rolled through and pins are traded, but unsuccessful! Michinoku Driver from Jay on Rhett. 1....2...NO!! Jay wants the Jay Drillah, but King breaks it up. King gets a jumping spinkick on Mark and gets shotgun knees on Jay. Royal Flush from King and Rhett drops the knee across the face!! 1....2...3! The Briscoes are gone at 24:14. The Briscoes make their way to the back in a surprisingly peaceful manner.

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