Another Report From The Awesome ROH-NYC I-PPV

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Claudio is in with Rhett now. He gets sent to the floor after a tag from Shelton and the All Night Express start working over Benjamin. Rhett and Benjamin trade rights in the middle of the ring. Kick to the midsection from Benjamin and he goes for a dropkick but Rhett held on to the top rope...but he was also blindly tagged by Hero and Shelton gets hit with a running senton! Hero charges Benjamin into the boot of Claudio and tags him in. Camel clutch from Castagnoli. Shelton powers up after about a minute and gets an Electric Chair Drop on Claudio. Hero manages a tag and he big boots Haas off the apron before taking it to Shelton. Stomps on the co-champion. Sliding boot to the side of the head of Benjamin is good for 2. Tag to Claudio. They double whip Benjamin sternum-first into the corner. Claudio gets an uppercut before tagging Hero. Hero whips Claudio into the elbow of Shelton and Benjamin sends Hero over the top! He wants a tag but Claudio grabs the leg...DRAGON WHIP to Claudio! Shelton goes for the tag but Haas isn't there! Hero pulled him to the floor. Boot from Claudio and he gets a series of strikes before tagging Hero back in. Benjamin catches a double boot, rolls under and tags Kenny King! King is totally taking it to Hero. He flips off a back toss attempt from Hero and lands on his feet! Urinage, elbow, standing moonsault! King fights off Claudio and gets a spinebuster on Hero! Leg cradle suplex!! Series of kicks from the ANX and Tituts is the legal man now. Hero gets a rolling elbow! 1...2...NO!! Tag to Claudio and we get the Kings get their cradle double powerbomb on Titus for 2. Ricola bomb is what Claudio wants but he doesn't get it. BIG boot from Rhett! Powerbomb/springboard neckbreaker combo from the ANX but Del Rey distracts the ref!! GOLDEN ELBOW FROM HERO! Titus is out and 3 seconds later, the ANX is eliminated around 34:30.

Haas grabs the loaded elbow pad off of Hero's arm and THROWS IT INTO THE CROWD! The Kings make Haas pay and they beat on him for the next minute, making some frequent tags. Hero is back in and they tried the release suplex/Death Blow/European uppercut combo but Haas ducks and sends Hero into Claudio. German suplex on Hero broken up at 2. Tag to Shelton and he's taking it to both men! Double DDT to the Kings!! Shelton goes for the pin on Hero and gets a very close two count. Tag to Haas. WGTT goes for and HITS the Broken Arrow. Angle slam from Haas! 1...2...Claudio breaks it up! Shelton sends Claudio to the outside. Haas runs into a knee from Hero and CYCLONE KILL CONNECTS!!! Man I love that move (it's the rolling big boot). Tag to Claudio who jumps on the pin.! UFO FROM CLAUDZ!!! Holy crap! He held that with no hands for at least 6 or 7 seconds it felt like! 1...2....Shelton breaks it up!! King Swing!!! Hero has Shelton trapped! 1....2....NO!!!! Haas kicked out! Haas fights out of the KRS ONE and sends Hero into Claudio over the top! HUGE double team spinebuster from WGTT!! 1....2...3!

After the match, Jay & Mark Briscoe return to the ring with steel chairs and nail the champs in the head! The Kings of Wrestling beg for reason, so The Briscoes keep pounding on the champs while Hero and Claudio direct them. The All Night Express are here with a kendo stick and a metal pole as they fend off the heels. Haas is doing a great sell job of the attack. The ANX have the belts in their hands and were going to give them back to the champs presumably, but they were carried out under the ropes, leaving Titus and King in the ring with the belts alone. Then we cut to a recap of the Davey/Eddie build-up. Interesting cut as that felt incomplete, but I liked it.

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