Another Report From The Awesome ROH-NYC I-PPV

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Back in the ring, Eddie goes up top and gets a missile dropkick on Davey. Eddie is grabbing his knee. Tiger suplex gets two!! Both men back up and they trade forearms. Davey ends up with the control and gets a flurry of forearms against the ropes and takes off running. Eddie catches him with a leg lariat! Both men are on the apron and Eddie looks to be going for a suplex. SUPERKICK from Eddie! 2K1 BOMB ON THE APRON!!!!! The 20 count gets to 14 before Eddie gets into the ring and 17 before Davey TRIES to get into the ring, but Eddie superkicks him in the face!! Davey falls onto the announce table...DOUBLE STOMP OFF THE TOP ROPE THROUGH THE TABLE!! "You just killed him" chants. I really like the ROH fans chants...Davey back in the ring and starts getting to his feet, but Eddie double stomps him again off the ropes!!!!! Davey is still alive! He gets a kick to the chest of Eddie as he approaches. He has Eddie's leg over the middle rope (Davey's on the apron). Dragon screw!! Eddie is hung up. Davey goes up top. DOUBLE STOMP!!! Davey has a second wind, and he locks in the ankle lock!! Eddie gets close to the ropes and Davey pulls him back!! Eddie finally makes the ropes and kicks Davey in the head with his other leg. "This is awesome". Davey kicks Eddie in the back of the knee. He places Eddie up top for a back superplex, but Eddie elbows him off. Davey gets a forearm to the back and climbs up again. Pushed off again. Series of headbutts to the back of the champ's head!! Davey steps up to the top...RELEASE GERMAN SUPERPLEX!! Flying forearm!! Running spinning heel kick throws Eddie into the corner. German suplex!!!! Davey gets the ankle lock on Eddie!! The champ reverses it and gets one of his own! It's grapevined!! Davey spins it through again but has the legs in an Indian Deathlock as well!!! Eddie makes the ropes and we're 27:30 in.

They've both rolled to the apron and Richards wants a powerbomb through another table at ringside! Eddie gets out and Davey kicks Eddie in the chest! Again! Aga---Eddie ducks and Davey kicks the turnbuckle post instead and falls onto the actual announcer's table!! Both men back up on different sides of the apron and they climb the same turnbuckle. Eddie dragon screws the injured leg of Richards, as Richards is perched up top. Davey forearms the leg of Eddie and goes for a TOP ROPE GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!! EDDIE REVERSES IT IN MIDAIR FOR A HURRICANRANA! Clothesline from Eddie and a sitout powerbomb!!!! Another lariat and a 2K1 bomb from the champ!!!! It's converted into the Achilled lock on the injured leg of Davey in the middle of the ring!! Davey spins through but Eddie kicks the back of his head! They trade kicks and Eddie locks in a Cloverleaf! Davey tried to get out but Eddie turns it into a pin!!! Both men are down. Saito suplex from Richards!! Saito suplex from Edwards!! Both men almost get counted down for the 10 count but they're on their knees. They are face to face and trade rights. Big chop from the champ is responded to with a big kick. Another chop, another kick. Third exchange, fourth, fifth, sixth and Davey gets a spinning heel kick. Lariat from Davey!!! "Davey" chants. They make their way up and ANOTHER LARIAT! Eddie's up at 1!!! Series of kicks ending with a kick to the head of the champ gets 2!!! Two superkicks and another roundhouse to the head from Davey!! 1....2....nooooo!! Spinning heel kick knocks Eddie down. Running kick to the face!! 1......2.....3!!!!

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