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Jim Ross has a new blog entry up, at Here are the highlights:

On WWE's TV Week: It's hell week for WWE TV personnel as they have their 'doubleheader' tonight and then two more, consecutive days of Smackdown tapings Tuesday and Wednesday. I've been a part of many of these marathon weeks and I can assure you that one really has to pay attention, take great notes and sleep when one can or announcing and continuity mistakes can easily occur. I hear that UFC TV production personnel are experiencing 'burn out' to some degree with all the TV's that they have been doing lately, too.

On Sin Cara vs. Even Bourne: It will be fun to see Sin Cara vs. Even Bourne for those who like the flying stuff. Both guys are talented and I'm curious to see if they have in ring chemistry with the other. I hope that sooner than later Sin Cara can begin to speak some English as that will help him connect better with what could be a sizable audience for the Mexican star as time goes on.

On CM Punk: I'm very curious to see what @cmpunk says tonight on Raw about his upcoming departure which seems as if it will occur in Chicago, Punk's hometown, after the MITB PPV there in July. Punk is at the top of his game, without question, and I, for one, feel that the Raw TV shows leading into the Chicago PPV could be compelling as it relates to Punk. His loss will be significant but w/ any loss comes the opportunity for someone to step forward.

The HBK-Bret Hart DVD Project: @shawnmichaels_ and @brethart and I talked about WM9 in Vegas which was my first live WWE event (toga) where Shawn wrestled Tatanka and Bret lost the WWE Title to a fatigued Yokozuna. Not the most auspicious of nights for either HOF'er but they discussed this era and this event in detail when we did our DVD sit down last week. Again, that project is slated to be released in October. The interview was real. The answers were real. They did not know the questions that I was going to ask ahead of time. Their reactions were real. I realize that because of the genre that there will be doubters but when one sees the finished product I think all concerns about realism and honesty will be alleviated. Plus, this project wasn't solely about 'Montreal' even though the '97 Survivor Series was throughly addressed.

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