Shawn Michaels' music hits and we're off! HBK enters the ring and says he just couldn't stay away. He talks about missing the fans, and how they made him. HBK says he's not the guest host, and makes a cheap plug for his new TV show. The crowd was quiet for the plug. CM Punk's music hits and he heads to the ring with Otunga and McGuillicutty, and Michael Cole noted that Mason Ryan wasn't here tonight due to an injury he suffered over the weekend.

Punk mocked HBK being back, and said he's leaving after July 17th. HBK says it's a win-win since the people will not have to see him anymore. Punk made fun of HBK losing to the Undertaker in his last match, and said he's going to go out a winner with the WWE championship. HBK says that he's better than Punk, and Punk asks if that is a challenge. HBK follows up with a superkick on Otunga and the RAW GM chimes in and says that Punk will have the first match tonight on RAW since he's leaving soon.

Booker T is backstage and spins the RAW roulette, and it's a "?" match, which means a mystery opponent and it's Kane. With Punk distracted, HBK hits another superkick on McGuillicutty and says, "good luck with all of that." Kane's music hits and our first match will be underway after the break.

Kane vs. CM Punk

Lame ending with Punk just rolling out of the ring and taking a countout loss.

Kane defeated CM Punk via countout.

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio will take place later tonight. Evan Bourne vs. Sin Cara is up next.

Booker T spins the wheel and it's a No-Countout match.

No Countout Match
Evan Bourne vs. Sin Cara

Great stuff from these two. As you'd expect, lots of high flying and near falls with Cara getting the win after Bourne missed Air-Bourne and Cara followed up with his spinning head scissors finisher.

Sin Cara defeated Evan Bourne

Kofi Kingston is backstage with Booker T and is about to spin the wheel to see what kind of match he'll have against Dolph Ziggler. Vickie Guererro interrupts and spins the wheel instead and it's a "Player's Choice", so Kingston gets to pick the stip. He picks the stip that should have happened last week, and that is to have Vickie banned from ringside. We're off to commercial.

Back from commercial, and the RAW MITB ladder match is announced. The participants are Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Alex Riley, R-Truth, The Miz and Evan Bourne.

Kofi heads to the ring and Vickie heads to the ramp. Just as she's about to introduce Dolph Ziggler, officials escort her to the back. Ziggler then heads to the ring.

Vickie Barred From Ringside
Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

Good match that Ziggler was dominating. Kingston hit a TIP out of nowhere to pin Ziggler clean.

Kofi Kingston pinned Dolph Ziggler

John Cena will face R-Truth in a RAW Roulette match later tonight.

Booker T is backstage with the wheel and Maryse and recaps the events of the night so far. Alberto Del Rio cuts him off. Booker offers to spin the wheel for Del Rio, but Del Rio asked Maryse to do it instead. Del Rio is flirting with Maryse while the wheel spins until he realizes that the wheel came up on "Steel Cage." Booker T laughed as Del Rio angrily stormed off. That match is next.

Steel Cage Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show

Del Rio tries to escape early, but Show catches him. Show takes control of the match. Mark Henry walks over to cageside during the match. Show at one point hits a superplex from the top rope. Henry uses this opportunity to tear off the cage door and then enter the ring with it. Henry kicks Show in the head as Del Rio escaped the cage to win the match.

Alberto Del Rio defeated The Big Show in a steel cage match

After the match, Henry charged at Show with the cage door, sending Show through the cage! Officials attended to Show while Henry slowly went to the back as we go to commercial.

Back from break, and they show officials attending to Big Show during the commercial.

Kelly Kelly's music hits and the new Divas champion heads to the ring to face Nikki Bella in a non-title match.

Kelly Kelly vs. Nikki Bella

Booker T spins the wheel, and he noted that he wants a Pillow Fight match. The wheel lands on "Submission match" and we're underway. Short match, with Kelly winning clean with a Boston crab. Brie blindsides Kelly and the Bella twins double team Kelly until Eve makes the save.

Cena vs. R-Truth is hyped again.

A video package on Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine is shown.

Mysterio is backstage with Booker T waiting to see where the already spinning wheel lands, and it's a tornado match with Mysterio and Riley vs. Miz and Swagger. "Diamond" Dallas Page approaches Booker T backstage and plugs the Nitro DVD. Drew McIntyre interrupts and says that the two are taking up his TV time and they leave within 10 minutes or they'll leave on stretchers. Out of nowhere he's superkicked by Michaels. Michaels talks about the Nitro DVD for a sec.

The tornado match is next.

Tornado Tag Team Match
Rey Mysterio and Alex Riley vs. The Miz and Jack Swagger

Wild, fast-paced match with a lot of heat from the crowd. Lots of near falls. The end saw Mysterio hit Swagger with a 619, Riley hitting a DDT and then Mysterio following up with a splash from the top rope to get the pin. Really good match.

Rey Mysterio and Alex Riley defeated The Miz and Jack Swagger

A promo for Shawn Michaels' new show aired.

R-Truth is backstage talking to himself. Booker T interrupts and tells Truth to spin the wheel. Truth spins and it comes up on a Tables match. Truth said he can dig that and that Cena is gonna get got tonight. Booker asked Truth to leave because he was beginning to scare him, but then takes off himself.

Tables Match
R-Truth vs. John Cena

At one point, Cena had a table setup in the ring and went to put Truth through it when Punk ran down to ringside and moved the table. Cena then went after Punk, but Truth took advantage and speared Cena through the table to win the match.

R-Truth defeated John Cena in a tables match.

Punk headed to the ramp and took the mic. He said that before he leaves in three weeks, he has a lot of things he has to get off of his chest. He said that he hates the idea that people think he's the best, because he is. He said that Cena is the best at kissing Vince McMahon's ass, almost as good as Hulk Hogan or "Dwayne." He said he's been vilified because he was a protege of Paul Heyman, and noted how he and Brock Lesnar were Paul Heyman guys except unlike Brock, he will leave with the title. He said he's the best, even on commentary, and how he's gotten the shaft by not being featured on TV shows, videos, etc. He said the fact that Dwayne is in the main event next year makes him sick. He said the people that are cheering him are why he's leaving, because they buy the products that he's not on. He said he might defend the title in New Japan or go back to ROH, and said hi to Colt Cabana. Punk said McMahon is not a billionaire because he surrounds himself with "yes men." He says that he would like to think that the company will be better once Vince dies, but his idiot daughter and son-in-law will take over. He continues to go off, but his mic is cut off and the show goes off of the air. Probably the best money promo I've seen in the company in years.

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