Source: Pwinsider

- When he appeared on Bubba the Love Sponge's radio show today, Hulk Hogan stated he got in trouble when he tweeted that Impact would be going on the road for every other taping in August. Since there is no deal in place, only discussions, TNA management was not happy when they found out Hogan let that slip. Hogan then said an announcement would be made next week and they would be testing the proposed schedule out.

- Also, Bubba The Love Sponge and Hogan put over Jeff Jarrett, describing him as a good guy. Hogan mentioned that he some problems with Jarrett and Vince Russo in the past, but that was behind them.

- Hogan also put over Sting saying that Sting was on fire after what he did to Hogan.

- Bubba proposed the idea to get rid of the Russos and the cancers and have Hogan, Flair and the Hardys storyboard the show. Hogan said there is a point/counterpoint for Russo and the Hardys that he cannot elaborate on, but Bubba is going in the right direction overall.

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