Goldy Locks Fires Back At Alex Shelley, WWE Update

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JG asks if there is someone she specifically takes issue with and she does. Goldy points to her former "Baby Bear" client, Alex Shelley, as someone who has taken aim at her. Shelley has publicly called her a "headache" and, as the ClubWWI interview goes on, she has something to say about that.

"I remember when they brought Alex Shelley in and I was just like, oh cool. I was excited to work with him and I was trying different things to push my character to just be nuts and insane and do all this crazy stuff. I've heard nothing but just complete negative crap that he said about me and it's just like I don't even know him that well. If he had such a problem with me and thought that I sucked so bad, I wish he would have had some balls and came up to me and said, "Hey, you suck" or "you can't do anything in the ring" or "this is awful, let me show you how to do it better" or "let me teach you something". I wish that. If someone sucks at something, let them know. I let people I work with know all the time."

Goldy goes in-depth about her work in TNA including times with Shelley, Abyss, Erik Watts, and others. From the background story behind her famous midget trash can segment to crazy fans thinking she genuinely was dating Watts to the shocking case of being sexually harassed early on, she shies away from no subject. As Guttman points out, during the trash can interview segment on TNA, she stated, "When my music career takes off, I am so out of here." Meant as a joke, it had a ring of truth because when she was done with TNA, she continued music as opposed to going up to WWE - something many fans and members assume is the usual next step. James asks her if that was ever even a consideration…

"It never was. I don't have the talent it would take. Maybe to be a manager over there or to be an interviewer, but I started to get the point where people - like Vince (Russo) and Jeff (Jarrett) - said, "Once you enter the wrestling business, you'll always end up in the ring." You know what? I'm not a wrestler and I'm not going to go to school to try to cram in that education when there's people who have been doing this ten, fifteen, or twenty years since they were little kids trying to abuse their bodies so they can be ready to do this.

"That's not really what I was brought on to do. I was brought on to interview and I was brought in to do musical segments and then it developed into management. If I had gone to WWE, they would have wanted to just see me get splattered and that's not where my talent lies. I know that and I would never try to act like that. I've done some independent things and kicked some people's faces in at shows, but I'm not a wrestler and I know that. "

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