Source: PWInsider

Randy Orton did an interesting interview with KUPD in Phoenix that is definitely worth listening to. He covered a number of topics, including:

* He said that he misses Chris Jericho and that he was a locker room leader. He said he will help guys with matches but isn't exactly a counselor.

* Past drug usage. He said he stopped breathing from one incident about five years ago. His wife had to call 911 and that saved his life. He will cover it on his DVD.

* He had heat with The Rock before WrestleMania after he said in an interview that he didn't believe Rock when he said he would never leave WWE again. Orton said that John Laurinaitis pulled him aside and said that Vince McMahon didn't like what Orton said. Orton said that Rock had called the company to complain about Orton burying him and HHH in an interview. Orton thinks Rock mentioned HHH to get some weight behind the heat.

* He noted that he has had six concussions and the one he suffered in Spain a few weeks ago was really bad. Since he has had so many of them WWE management was concerned.

* On the other hand, he loves John Cena and says he is by far the best in WWE on the mic, better than Rock even. He didn't claim that Cena was a great in-ring worker but said he was the best on promos.

* He laughed about WWE having women that were bad actresses playing his wife in skits.

You can listen to the whole interview at this link.

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