Report: HHH & Stephanie On Bloomberg TV

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Report: HHH & Stephanie On Bloomberg TV
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On the Bloomberg TV show Enterprise at 9pmET on Wednesday June 29th they interviewed various WWE executives including Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon-Levesque & Paul Levesque (Triple H). The interviews were conducted by Melissa Long.

The first person she talked to was WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

- McMahon stressed the importance of live events. He talked about the sights & sounds being mind-blowing if you've never been before. He says he always puts himself in the shoes of the consumer. When Melissa asked about direct competitors he said there are no direct competitors. He mentioned that Ted Turner and Time Warner couldn't compete with them even with all of their vast resources.

- Vince McMahon: "We don't consider ourselves a wrestling company. We're an entertainment company."

- Vince McMahon: "I like to say that WWE is America's greatest export."

- He said UFC isn't competition because they're sport and "we are entertainment."

- He talked about the TV network and how that's something they need to get into to give their fans what they want.

- He said they just completed their first successful reality show. They mentioned on the show that it was likely there would be a season two. No references to previous Tough Enough seasons.

- He said that like a good Broadway play or movie you want to be able to feel what you're watching. He says that's what you get from a WWE live event.

The next person interviewed was George Barrios, Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

- Mr. Barrios said TV is the epicenter of everything else. It's how they build superstars and gain fans.

- He claimed that within 12-18 months they can launch the TV Network and they believe that it can be a successful venture. He stressed that network launches take a while. He talked about how there's complexity with external stakeholders, but that they are getting there.


They returned to the show talking to Vince McMahon.

- He said it's not really a family business. He said his daughter and son in law are climbing up, but if they're not good at contributing to the business you won't be there. There was no mention of Shane McMahon.

- When his daughter Stephanie was a junior in college he sat her down to ask what she wanted to do in her life. She told him she wanted to be in the business.

They talked to Stephanie McMahon, the Executive VP, Creative Development & Operations.

- The host walked with Stephanie McMahon in WWE offices. Stephanie put on the headpiece that her husband HHH wore at WrestleMania a few years ago and how it was called the Skull King. She talked about looking at expanding the Skull King character for Triple H potentially by selling it, going into comic books, video games, etc. She says it would cater to 8-16 year old males most likely. It's available at

- Stephanie says that she works with talent and produces talent. She talked about John Cena , Kofi Kingston (then the US Champion) and Triple H as they showed photos of them in the hallways of WWE Headquarters.

The host spoke with Triple H (Paul Levesque) and his wife Stephanie together.

- Melissa asked Triple H of his role in WWE: "What are you?" "A little bit of everything," says HHH. He says he can be a superstar, a corporate executive (even though it's awkward for him to say that) or backstage helping create new talent. He can also be directing, producing, helping write. Stephanie helped him say all those things. He said that it's part of the business and company to be involved in a lot of different things.

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