Report: HHH & Stephanie On Bloomberg TV

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- It was mentioned that since April he's been leading the talent development team. He said he looks for charisma & personality. He says the business is like a puzzle where you have to be a wrestler, performer, talker, ad-liber and then ha that charisma, larger than life character. He thinks charisma is that biggest x-factor. You can't always teach somebody that.

- Melissa talked about WWE's global appeal by specifically mentioning Sin Cara. Hunter says Sin Cara is an amazing talent. He wears a facemask with no eyes, but he can see through it. That's a secret, he says. It's part of talent development - the group he's heading up - to create stars globally.

Triple H: "In every corner of the world people know what we do."


As they returned from break, they focused on Vince McMahon again.

- Back from break they mentioned the Chris Benoit double murder suicide. What lessons have been learned? Vince says you're going to have individuals that are outside the norm and you have no idea they're outside the norm. He says it can happen with any company in any business. There's behavior that's outside of your control.

Vince McMahon: "We control their characters; we don't control their individual life."

- What type of a leader are you? Are you easy to work with? He said "you don't work for me, you work with me." He puts smiles on people's faces all over the world and that starts with people that work with him. Everybody works hard, but you hear laughter and it's an environment that people enjoy working in. He says that because he's so driven, some people may take things the wrong way.

- He says that WWE is successful worldwide because it's pop culture.

- Back to HHH & Stephanie, Hunter says it's a simple story because it's good versus evil in a ring. It's not necessarily cultural because everybody understands what they do and they love it. Stephanie says it's like gladiators fighting in the Roman times. Stephanie mentions that Abe Lincoln was a professional wrestler and not many people knew that. "Actually Vince wrestled him one time," says Triple H with a laugh.

- The host mentioned Vince's answer about it being easy to work with him. Hunter jokes that you could probably see steam coming from his head as he said that, intimating that it's not always true. Hunter pointed out that he beat Vince up many times and that "it's on DVD if you want to watch it."

- Hunter said when he first got there he always felt that that the company was working for the talent.


Back from break they mentioned that WWE has a half billion dollar revenue.

- Barrios mentioned that the real driver of the business model is the various aspects that they use to generate money (live shows, DVDs, books, etc.). "It's like a mini Disney."

- He says that 2010 was the most profitable year in the history of the company.

- A stock expert said the upside is that their money from television and films is going to rise. He said the TV Network is a smart move because they'll get subscribers and networks backing them due to fans subscribing to their channel.

To close out the show they talked to Vince one more time.

- When the host asked if he would like to retire on a beach somewhere in Belize, Vince said he doesn't see himself ever retiring. He said that hopefully there will be people one day to tell him to step aside, but that he doesn't know when that would be. "Maybe they'll discover that I am senile." He laughed. The show ended with Vince saying he'll likely "die in the chair, as they say."

The 30 minute show ended there.

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