Traci Brooks Speaks Out - Spoilers, Marriage To Kazarian

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Traci Brooks Speaks Out - Spoilers, Marriage To Kazarian
Traci Brooks recently did an interview with James Guttman of where she discussed TNA, her marriage and more.

Here are highlights from the interview:

Whether she was instilling "Knockout Law" on the female TNA stars or battling her evil boss Robert Roode, Traci Brooks has always given fans something to remember. You've gawked at her looks, now listen to what she has to say as Miss Brooks opens up about a ton of topics including her short-lived TNA Knockout Law gimmick, her memorable feud with Robert Roode, why she enjoyed managing Roode so much, going to WWE, the former WWE World Champion who trained her on her first day, the quote she doesn't want James to use as a headline, the unscripted granny panty angle/rib she played mid-match, interacting with fans on Twitter @TheTraciBrooks, and tons more.

Traci Brooks is known for many major storylines and angles in TNA. One story that fans still talk about is her split with Robert Roode and on-air save from Frank Kazarian. The emotional moment had real life significance as Traci and Kazarian are married outside the ring. As James Guttman points out, many times marriages in wrestling can be rough and rocky, but Brooks and Kaz always seem happy and many who know them describe their relationship as positive. Guttman asks Traci what the secret to their happiness is and she explains to Club WWI members:

"Just be best friends. He's my best friend. It's that simple. He's my best friend and you're understanding to your best friend. So you just understand. Be best friends. Everyone gets caught up in the word love and stuff, but it takes more than love. It's friendship and understanding and respect for each other. I also think it's easier because I understand the road too, so it's a lot easier. Our schedules are so busy that we appreciate the time we have together. Sometimes, we don't see each other every day."

JG points out what a good outlook that is to have and it seems to turn what many people perceive to be a negative into something positive. Traci agrees:

"It's funny because my girlfriends that have been married for ten years that see their husbands every day and work normal 9-5 jobs, they're like, 'I wish my husband would go overseas for a week.' I'm like, 'I wish my husband would be home for a week.' It's funny. You understand and appreciate because you're best friends with someone."

Another topic discussed is dropped storylines. Brooks had some moments in the company that seemed to stop abruptly. She talks about them including her quick TNA Knockout Law gimmick. James points out that one of TNA's biggest strengths is sometimes a drawback - abundance of talent. With so many stars looking for a place to work, it sometimes seems like there are too many big names for TNA to focus on. Because of this, angles and storylines can get sent to the backburner too soon. The two discuss what can be done about that and as the Club WWI interview continues, Brooks gives a unique view on what they need:

"Yeah. I just wish TNA would get another show. I think, hands down, TNA has some of the best talent. I really do. I love the fact that they're doing the whole 'wrestling matters" thing because it's the exact opposite of the other company and I think it's really neat. They just need more time. I think that's all TNA needs is just another show."

Guttman thinks about it and agrees with this idea. He points out WWE's use of Smackdown and Raw to showcase more talent and it seems that with TNA's huge talent reservoir, they would be able to fill two shows easily and help pace things out better. However, as Traci points out, the viewing habits of wrestling fans have just changed in general and some won't be pleased no matter what. From her days growing up as fan to today, there seems to be too much information and too many fans basing their viewing off of what they read rather than what they see on TV. She explains her point:

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