Traci Brooks Speaks Out - Spoilers, Marriage To Kazarian

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"I used to want to sit in front of the TV and be amused and be happy and watch the show and not think. I just don't understand why people don't do that. You should watch it because it makes you happy."

Guttman asks if it has more to do with society today than wrestling. Before the year 2000, you looked forward to wrestling all week. Today, with Youtube and unlimited shows whenever you want, it seems that fans have sometimes watched too much of something before it even airs on TV.

"Yeah. Absolutely. It's spoilers. Because you read the spoilers and think, "I don't want to watch this." Or they fast forward it through Tivo. Yes, I know the Internet is here and we can't do anything about it. But sometimes I wish the dirtsheets would go away - not that I have a problem with the dirtsheets. I'm just saying that sometimes it ruins it. I just want people to turn the show on at 9 o'clock…and just watch it and just watch what happens without knowing the results of the matches. But you can't do anything about it. They can't throw out every person (in the arena) writing it down on a phone or on a laptop. It's here, so we have to deal with it, unfortunately."

However, there's a difference between smart fans and bitter ones. As the subject comes to a close in her shoot, Traci poses a question that all fans should ask themselves at one point or another -

"If you're not a wrestling fan and it doesn't bring you happiness or emotion like it should, why watch it?"

It doesn't end there. There's tons more to the 31 minute interview with Traci Brooks and you can hear it all right now, along with hundreds of other stars the second you sign up on including AJ Styles, Jerry Lawler , R-Truth, Kharma, Boogeyman, and many others.

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