-- 1PW's Danny Rodd sent the following along: Ryan, Just wanted to let you know that an indy wrestler friend of mine is being SEVERELY ripped off by Vince Russo. His name is Justin Carnes and he IS on Facebook. He is very good friends with Rhyno and some others, has had tryouts/dark matches with TNA and also wrestled in Japan. He has wrestled with us in Toledo for Powerbomb Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Ohio and many others and is VERY good. He developed the character "Krimson" (with face paint and all) nearly two years ago. Not only has Russo used the name, now Sting looks just like him! It's ridiculous. Justin is on my friends list and you can see his pics. He also has a lot of matches on YouTube. You can see THE Real Krimson here.. see if you notice anything ;) youtube.com/watch?v=zvVPvlQuaoI and youtube.com/watch?v=L5PPr-YmkMU

-- On July 23rd, a new promotion called QWEST Wrestling will launch at the Orlando Downtown Recreation Center. They are being supported by The Team 3D Academy. The following talent is scheduled to appear: Jesse Neal, Big Rob Terry and Former Big Brother star Jessie Godderz. The main event will be Terry vs. Godderz. Ticket prices are $12 for Ringside and $5 for General Admission.

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