Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Just to recap a few things we reported last week and this weekend. It's been kind of slow as of late so this is for those who may have missed it:

-- Dustin "Goldust" Runnels is now working as an agent/producer for WWE until he recovers from his shoulder injury. He has also gone quiet on his Twitter account for over a month now, something he was very interactive with.

-- Alberto Del Rio's 23-year-old brother Memo Rodriguez is now living in South Florida and has began training with former ECW talent Pablo Marquez. Marquez briefly appeared in WWE as Tiger Ali Singh's manservant Babu.

-- WWE is considering repackaging Mason Ryan in a bodyguard role with the expectation that the Nexus group will be disbanded soon. Ryan has been out of action with WWE due to an injury, although various wrestling media sources didn't seem to have a definitive answer as to how much time he would miss.

-- WWE's creative team has broached putting Zack Ryder in a new faction with David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty, who are to be orphaned if and when Nexus ceases. This all depends on what CM Punk does.

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