Jarrett Launches EBay Store + Destination X Live Notes

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6.) Amazing reaction for Eric Young and Shark Boy. Great to see them both back on TNA TV Wrestling. Crowd popped for Suicide and Curry Man, Nobody really cared for Red under the mask as Sangriento.When Generation Me came out, they got a great pop, but I think the people forgot who they were facing, because when Young and Shark Boys music hit, we all went apes--t. Tons of "Lets Go Eric!" and "Lets Go Shark Boy!" chants. This match showed what all four wrestlers can do. Amazing.

7.) TNA Security was, as normal, walking around making sure people weren't texting. If you're taking a picture, some actually ask to see your camera and to see the pictures to make sure it's really a camera, lol.

8.) While they were setting up the Ultimate X, A Stagehand, who was on top of the ropes and climbing the X Railing dropped the wrench and he received a "You f--ked Up!" chant, haha.

9.) There's not much to report during the Ultimate X Match. It was amazing. The spot with Shannon Moore was amazing and he got a "Please Don't Die!" chant. Did anyone else notice Robbie E's overselling of everything? Amazing Red is so underrated, and this match showed his awesomeness. Crowed popped (Especially me being from Detroit) when Shelley won, and popped even more when Sabin came out to congratulate him.

10.) Brian Kendrick vs Abyss. This match was like a great homecoming for the X Division. It was an okay match, not great, but not bad. It was cool to see IMMORTAL and Bischoff come out and try to ruin things, but even cooler to see The X Division take action.

11.) The RVD and Lynn match was weird. It started out with both wrestlers wrestling as Face, but the crowd eventually chose Lynn as the heel, and he started working Heel. I personally think that the match could have been better, it was still awesome to know that it was reliving History.

12.) Well, There's a first time for everything. During the Fatal Four Way for the TNA Contract we got "Sign Them All!" and "Everybody!" chants. Obviously the people liked what they saw. If they don't sign all four then they're making a huge mistake. Going into it, I personally thought that Jack Evans should have gotten the contract, but as the match went on I just didn't care anymore. They all impressed the hell out of me. The finish was amazing and after the match we got an even bigger "Sign Them All!" chant than before.

13.) AJ vs Daniels was a good match. It told a great story. You can just feel the chemistry. I personally feel that it was Daniels time to win, but it's not like we're losing with AJ either. I was shocked to see AJ slip on the rope, but it happens, what are we gonna do? The crowd was so into this match. It was so emotional for even the crowd. We all understood the respect they have for each other, and we all understood how much each other wanted to prove that they were the best. Great match.

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