Jarrett Launches EBay Store + Destination X Live Notes

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Jarrett Launches EBay Store + Destination X Live Notes
-- Jeff Jarrett sent out the following today:

Jeff Jarrett set to launch official eBay store, lists Slap Nuts Combo Pack for pre-launch sale

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- July 11, 2011 -- He's been known as Double J, the Chosen One, the King of the Mountain, or simply Jeff Jarrett. An 11-time world champion, he is the Founder of TNA and just celebrated his 25th anniversary in the great sport of professional wrestling. And now, Jeff is very excited to offer his fans the chance to purchase some classic memorabilia from his 25-year career!

He's gone into his warehouse and will be offering some unique, never-before-available collectibles from throughout his career, whether it be from his early days in USWA, to his days as Double J in WWF, as the Chosen One in WCW or now as the King of the Mountain in the company he founded, TNA.

As we sort through all of his classic wrestling gear, title belts, wrestling boots, pictures and more to prepare for the official launch, Jeff wanted to go ahead and make available a pre-launch combo pack for the fans that have been asking.

This combo pack features three (3) items from the Slap Nuts era in WCW:

Jeff Jarrett Pre-launch Slap Nuts Combo Pack
- Slap Nuts foam guitar
- Slap Nuts Blvd street sign
- Slap Nuts sunglasses

These are items that have sold for $50 BY THEMSELVES at many of Jeff's personal appearances. But now, as part of the Pre-launch Slap Nuts Combo Pack, you can own ALL THREE by bidding NOW!

Jeff will AUTOGRAPH and PERSONALIZE these items for the winner!

Don't miss your opportunity to own a piece of history!


-- WrestlingINC.com reader Justin Towler sent this one along:

Last night I had the pleasure of attending IMPACT Wrestling's Destination X Live, up close, and personal. Here are a few live notes from the IMPACT Zone that I told you I would indeed have.

First and foremost, I have been to 4 TNA PPV Events. And last night was by far my worst experience by standing in the line. Usually they let us all in sometime between 6:30 and 7:00, but we didn't even get seated until 7:30, so close to start time. Waiting in line for sometime between an hour more than normal was just not pleasant on the feet my friend.

2.) The IMPACT Zone was absolutely, completely, jam packed full. Not one more person could have fit in there. In my previous times of going, there can always been an extra amount of people, but not tonight.

3.) Vince Russo, D Lo Brown and Scott D'Amore were all sitting on the production staff side of the IMPACT Zone (Side not seen). I usually see Russo standing around, but that's a first for D Lo, though I did meet him at a TNA Event back in 2009. Vince Russo actually went and sat ringside, strange to me. He's also packed on a few pounds and has a pretty big gut now, lol.

4.) The first match with Kaz and Joe got the crowd pumped. The crowd was all for Kaz, but all for Joe to. During the match certain people were switching who they wanted to win. We got "Lets Go Kaz!" "Joe Is Gonna Kill You!" and "Lets Go Kaz, Let's Go Joe!" Chants.

5.) The Douglas and Mark Haskins match was great, to me. Mark impressed me a lot. Sure he slipped once of twice, but that little dude impressed me a lot. Deal for TNA? We got "Who are you?" chants, but then the crowd definitely warmed up to him. They even popped huge for his RKO.. It was awesome to see that great respect between the two at the end with the handshake coming from Douglas.

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