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Kelly Kelly is show backstage heading to the ring as we head to break.

Back from break and The Bellas are on commentary while Melina is in the ring.

Kelly Kelly vs. Melina

Kelly pinned Melina clean. The Bellas took the mic and got in the ring and ripped in Kelly for being too skinny. They then said that Kelly needed Pro-Activ and called her a "malnurtured nightmare." Kelly attacked, but the Bellas quickly took the advantage. Eve hit the ring, but got beaten down by the twins.

The Miz is shown backstage heading to the ring as we head to break.

A recap of Miz destroying Alex Riley from last week is shown. A ladder is in the ring and Miz climbs to the top to cut his promo. He said that he's used to being on top, and knows what it means to use MITB to become champion. He says that he still has what it takes to become champion and that he is still the future. He's about to finish his catchphrase when Jack Swagger's music hits.

Swagger says he's also cashed in the briefcase and become champion. Miz rips Swagger's title reign and how no one remembers it. Evan Bourne's music hits and he said that he'll steal the show this Sunday and win the match. Kofi is out next. Kofi says that he appreciates everyone's confidence, but at the end of the day, it's all talk. Kofi talks about how Edge's career was cut short because of matches like these. R-Truth comes out and says the conspiracy against Truth continues even though he beat John Cena two weeks ago. He says he can't climb the ladder because of a fear of heights and spiders. Alex Riley hits the ring and chases Miz off. Del Rio's music hits and he comes out and says he shouldn't even have to be in the match since he won the #1 contender's match last week. He says that Cena is afraid of him, and he has to do it all over again. The RAW GM chimes in and says Del Rio has a point. He then makes a match with Miz, Swagger and R-Truth vs. Bourne, Riley and Kofi in a six man tag that starts right after the break.

A video package of The Big Show on Burn Notice is shown.

The Miz, Jack Swagger and R-Truth vs. Evan Bourne, Alex Riley and Kofi Kingston

Good match. Del Rio interfered at the end of the match and floored everyone with a ladder and stood tall in the center of the ring while all the other participants were laid out on the outside. No contest.

A recap is shown of the McMahon - Cena angle from last week.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre head to the ring to face The Big Show after the break.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre vs. The Big Show

Show knocked Ziggler off the apron early, and Ziggler stayed out of the way for the rest of the match. Match ends with Show destorying McIntyre outside of the ring. Mark Henry blindsided the Big Show as he was getting ready to chokeslam McIntyre off the stage and all three crashed through the stage. McIntyre looked hurt as he missed the part of the stage that they were supposed to crash through.

Back from break, and Mark Henry is slowly getting back to his feet, refusing help from officials. A package of past Money In The Bank matches is shown. CM Punk and Vince McMahon are shown backstage heading to the ring.

Vince keeps teasing not coming to the ring before finally heading out with his trademark swagger. He says he won't join the CM Punk "Kiss My Ass" club. He calls Punk a "punk" and asks Punk to come out "and get this over with." Punk comes out mocking Vince's swagger. Vince asks Punk to sign the contract presented, and says Punk's lawyer has looked over it. Punk says that Vince has no faith in Cena, and Vince says his "lack of faith" has nothing to do with him wanting to sign the contract. Vince says he put in all the provisions that Punk asked for, and called him "Phil." Punk says Vince's contract wasn't up to par, and he has a new one for Vince to sign, but he added a couple of new perks.

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