Fit Finlay recently spoke about his WWE release, working with the Divas and more. Check out the highlights:

On his WWE release: "The job I had - with responsibility comes accountability. It was a simple mistake. I don't have any hard feelings. Would I still love to be there, yes! I would love to be there. I loved my job. My ego was hurt I guess, but accountability sucks sometimes. I believe there were National Guard members in attendance so I don't have any hard feelings about being released."

On training younger talent and the Divas: "I think it was a bit of a joke (being the trainer of the Divas). I have a reputation of being very tough and working with the girls is like dealing with a bunch of personalities. And working with these girls to work in 'lingerie matches' or 'Thanksgiving gravy matches' was a little embarrassing for both me and those girls sometimes. But you make the best of it and it really worked and later took off."

On ring psychology: "I like psychology in wrestling. I liked working a body part. The little things mean so much and sometimes that's not the truth. But less really is more. You know, guys will go over the top and do 35 backflips and a suplex off the top and then start running around and pin someone with a small-package. That's fine and might get a great reaction every now-and-then but are they gonna come back next week and watch it again? People need to be emotionally involved in wrestling and not just the performance of a back-flip or suplex"

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