An independent wrestling show that was advertised as a tribute to Randy Savage fell apart. The St. Petersburg Times reports that the event was intended to honor Savage and raise money for the All Children's Hospital in Florida but accomplished neither goal.

The show was held on Saturday and was said to be disorganized, had falsely-advertised talent and didn't even have the approval of All Children's Hospital or St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital to be run as a tribute to them. The promoter, Dino Puglia, says that he didn't raise enough money to donate to either of them. Four of the eight names advertised didn't show and two, Honky Tonk Man and Lanny Poffo, said they never agreed to show up.

"I've stopped answering (Puglia's) calls, and I don't want to have anything to do with him," said Poffo. "I thought it would be a good thing for my brother's name, but I regret the outcome and would prefer to distance myself from the stench."

Honky Tonk Man said that he found out about the show the day before it was held and blamed Puglia for falsely advertising him. Puglia in turn blamed those who put the event advertising together, former WWE star Big Vito and his girlfriend Noelle. The two say they put the advertising together based on art they got from Puglia via email. Vito pulled out of the show after having a falling out with him over pay.

"Our people then got in touch with Puglia to inform him that he would need to fill out paperwork for the event," said Anne Miller, the media coordinator for All Children's Hospital. "When we looked at it, we decided that we didn't want our logo used and that he would need to provide copies of various types of event insurance and licenses, but he never did that. He went ahead and did the event using our name without our consenting to the event." Reportedly the event didn't even try to take donations for the hospital.

"I know Dino, and when he said he wanted to do the event, I said 'go ahead,' " said Poffo. "This was the first time he's ever asked me to work for him, and I can tell you this is the end of the relationship. He used my brother's name to promote an event and then he turns it into a disgrace. I'm sorry Randy's name was involved, but I know that it won't tarnish his legacy."

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