-- TNA made the statement today that they plan on announcing the venue for their Bound for Glory 2011 PPV tomorrow morning at 8 AM EST.

It will happen on ESPN.com's Page 2 with ESPN SportsCenter anchor Robert Flores and Sting making the announcement. The rumor is that the location will be in the Northeast.

-- The press release was issued today:

Hulk Hogan Offers Training Tips Right from Your iPad, iPod or iPhone

The WWE legend talks about his career and how sports shaped his life.

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"Growing up I played Little League baseball and I also bowled, I was in the bantams," says Hogan on his Get in the Game video. "I was attracted to baseball the most. In 1966 we went to the Little League World Series in Williamsport. I played in bands too and that's how I met the wrestlers, who would come into the clubs."

Besides the Hulkster's tips, Get in the Game offers instructional videos from top names in football, baseball, soccer, softball, basketball, poker, pool, skiing, figure skating, and more.

For more info visit GetInTheGame.com. Facebook Fans will be entered to win cool prizes as well as one-on-one experiences with our athletes.

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