Jim Ross has a new blog entry posted, here are the highlights…

On Vince McMahon's Angle From Monday: Been asked several questions regarding the way Monday Night Raw went off the air in Green Bay Monday night. Mr. McMahon being 'relieved of his post' as Chairman of WWE was a major surprise to me and one that I never saw coming. It certainly sets up numerous, new, storyline opportunities which will hopefully be capitalized upon in the near and long term future. What changes will be made under HHH's watch, if any, and how will those assumed changes affect the presentation of WWE's top TV priority? As a fan and after working with and for Mr. McMahon for many years, I simply can't see the sports entertainment visionary "going quietly into the night." That's TBD I assume and will be one of the catalysts that encourage fans to tune into Raw Monday night.

On Sin Cara: What happened to Sin Cara? According to the WWE website, Cara violated the rules of the Wellness Program which resulted in him receiving a 30 day suspension. Some fans didn't even know what the Wellness Program is and the best way that I can explain it is that the Wellness Program is essentially WWE's drug policy. Very unfortunate for the fans, WWE, and especially for the Talent. I like and endorse '2nd chances' if they are deserved and desired by all parties. Time will tell on this one.

On The New Steve Austin DVD: Yes, a new Steve Austin DVD is being produced for release prior to the holidays later this year. Filming at Steve's Broken Skull Ranch in South Texas begins this Monday. I was interviewed by a producer for approximately 3 hours on the day that I conducted the HBK-Hitman sit down interview in Stamford and expect that will be the extent of my involvement in the Stone Cold DVD. I did send Steve an email with a litany of content suggestions but I have no idea what the final, final edit will remotely resemble.

On John Cena As A Villain: Will John Cena become a 'villain?' I get this one all the time. Same answer. I don't see it any time soon. I wouldn't do it. The guy sells too much merchandise plus he is beloved by a significant section of the audience including younger fans and ladies. I would not tinker with the company's top guy simply because some male fans want it as many of the same also regularly espouse the virtues of PG-14. IMO, WWE doesn't need TV-14 to be a success or for Jon Cena to become a hated villain.....for my two cents.

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