-- FightLine.com has an article up about UFC President Dana White talking about meeting with Vince McMahon. White said that the meeting was both business and personal, and that they "talked about business and about other things -- what they're doing, what we're doing -- stuff like that." You can see White's full comments about Vince at FightLine.com by clicking here.

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-- Bill Simmoms from grantland.com (via espn.com) has an article about WWE Superstars theme music both past and present and how it makes or breaks a wrestler. In the article, Simmons calls the CM Punk angle the most brilliantly executed storyline in recent wrestling history and said that Punk had transformed himself into "the People's Champ." It's a great read, you can check it out by clicking here.

-- Michael Cole is featured in Shawn Michaels' "MRA Hunting After the Show Episode 4," which you can check out below:

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