TNA House Show Results From Salem, VA - Styles Vs. Anderson

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TNA House Show Results From Salem, VA - Styles Vs. Anderson
Thanks to reader tejota30 for sending in these house show results from TNA's house show in Salem, VA last Thursday:

I wanted to send this is so folks who were on the fence about going to see Impact Wrestling live would have an idea of what they were walking into. I have been a fan of pro wrestling for almost 25 years and like many, feel like something is missing lately. Now I support ALL wrestling and this is not to fluff Impact Wrestling but I thought they did a terrific job of getting people into it and to me the crowd was much hotter for this then the Smackdown shows that we just had. There was also quite the difference between adults to children at the shows. Hopefully this will help some people decide to check it out. Not really an in depth description of matches but just the atmosphere and what to expect. Cut, paste and do with it what you please.

My first live experience with Impact Wrestling was last Thursday night (7/21/11) at the Salem Civic Center. Free tickets and a very short drive was an easy choice. We have been lucky enough to have a lot of wrestling around recently with a Smackdown house show and a TV taping, as well as this Impact house show all happening within the last few months and I made it to all three. That being said I would have to say that I enjoyed the Impact show more then the Smackdown shows.

The folks with Impact Wrestling really seem to go the extra mile to connect with the fans. Don West was out early tossing out stuff and letting everyone know about all the deals they had...which were very good. Some shirts for $10 and up, the brown bag special with a shirt and four DVD's for $20 (awesome deal). He then stood around ringside chatting with fans and signing things until about ten minutes before the show started. JB gets introduced and comes out and gets the crowd going with backstage passes and explains that they will be handing them out to the loudest folks. Needless to say this made for a lot more noise. He talks about who we will see and we are off...

Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick starts us off. Pretty decent reaction for both. Kendrick let all the fans down the ramp and along ringside touch the X-Division belt which was cool. Several good spots from Kendrick with a dive to the outside and a couple moves from the top. The ending saw Abyss trying to nail Kendrick in the corner but he slipped out of the way, tuned around and nailed Sliced Bread no. 2 and that's it. Decent opener with the highlight being the 10 year old behind me screaming "I came to see matches!"

Next we have JB introducing "one of the most controversial men in wrestling" as Earl Hebner is introduced. Earl is about to climb the steps to enter the ring until a fan at ringside gets loud with a "You screwed Brett" chant. Hebner is hot and has to be held back by JB and other ringside people but then enters the ring, pulls off his ref shirt to show his new shirt. It's a T-shirt with referee stripes on it and has "Hebner" on the back like a name plate with the front saying "Damn Right I Did!." He goes in his pocket and pulls out the vintage "Hitman" pink shades, throws them on and does his best Bret Hart walk with hand motions. Really got the place going. The shirts are on sale for $10 and Earl is signing throughout the night but right now he is here to ref....

Sarita & Rosita vs. Velvet Sky & Miss Tessmacher was a decent match. Of course Velvet and Tess were way over (and way hot in person) and the pigeons probably got one of the bigger pops of the night, no kidding. Several "USA" chants and a couple little spots to get the crowd into it. For the ending we had Rosita bump Hebner hard and fall into his arms. Earl looked around for approval and planted one right on the lips. It was enough distraction for Velvet to get the roll up and the win.

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