**SPOILERS** TNA IMPACT! Results For Thursday

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**SPOILERS** TNA IMPACT! Results For Thursday
Credit: Will Calhoun & PWInsider

Will Calhoun was at the Impact Wrestling Zone on Monday night for the episode that will air on Thursday July 28th.

Kurt Angle came to the ring for a promo. He asked Hulk Hogan to come out so they can end this once and for all. Angle said all week that Hogan has been blowing up his phone. Angle says there is nothing appealing to him about Immortal. It is led by two of the biggest scumbags in the world in Bischoff and Hogan. He is going to beat Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Title at Hardcore Justice and because he has never beaten Sting before. He wants to prove that he is the best in the world. He asks if Hogan knows what it's like to be the best in the world. Hogan says he knows. When there was no Sting, Matt Morgan, or Rob Van Dam .

When there were no 'Young Guns ' he carried the business on his back. He turned the business from territories into an international phenomenon. When Angle was still pooping in his diapers, Hogan was selling out arenas. Hogan says he has been calling Angle because he thinks Angle has had a vision of a higher level. He wants to help Angle make more money. He questions why Angle is disrespecting him.

Angle says that the reason he is not kicking Hogan's ass now is because he respects Hogan. Angle says unlike Anderson he can't be bought. Hogan says he paid to see him like many others. Angle questions if he can go anymore and Hogan says that he will never set foot in this ring anymore due to his eight back surgeries. Hogan says that if Angle is going to keep insulting his kids and whatnot then Angle will have to prove something.

He calls what Angle has done a fluke, including his gold medal win. If Angle wants to fight with him over pride, we are close to seeing that right now. Angle says that there is no doubt in his mind that Hogan can still go. Hogan asks Angle what he is trying to say. Angle says Hogan is trying to pay him money to take out Sting. Angle says why doesn't Hogan take out Sting himself and then Angle leaves.

Rob Van Dam defeated Gunner in a Bound For Glory Series Match with a five star frog splash.

They did a backstage promo with Eric Bischoff and Immortal (Bully Ray , Jeff Jarrett , Abyss, Ken Anderson, and Karen Jarrett). The Network has sent a letter to Bischoff that due to the success of Destination X they have to bring in more X Division talents. Hogan shows up and says he wants to eliminate Angle. Brother Ray volunteers Ken Anderson to do it. Ray says if Anderson is afraid they can have Karen take care of it. Bischoff reads more of the letter but Sting shows up in a red suit and he is carrying a black cage that is covered up. Sting says that everyone in Immortal knows that he has a great relationship with the Network. Sting tells Immortal that he is now the Network Executive. The first line of business is he is confirming Kurt Angle versus Ken Anderson tonight is a Steel Cage Match. He then says that Fortune is going to be around the ring to make sure that Immortal doesn't get involved. Hogan tells Sting that has no power to do that, but Sting says he just did it.

Brian Kendrick and Alex Shelley come out for a promo. Kendrick says some cryptic stuff and Shelley translates it as "Austin Aries is a jackass" and calls Aries out. Aries comes out to the ring (Aries has new entrance music and video for the screen). Shelley drops names of people who helped define the X Division including Low Ki , Jerry Lynn , Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles , Brian Kendrick, and himself. Shelley commends Aries on winning the contract but says the X Division was defined on 'hybrid wrestling' and calls out Aries on his cheating.

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