Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal_ & Jimmy Korderas (@jimmykorderas) of Right After Wrestling Radio recently spoke with Generation Me a.k.a. The Young Bucks. Here are some highlights:

On Debuting With TNA: "I remember the first time we found out we were gonna be called 'Max & Jeremy' was when we watched out debut match with everybody else and it was just so weird. Calling Nick 'Jeremy' was something we were never really comfortable with. We had no idea what our names were going to be in TNA. They told us to think of names because we were just going to be portrayed as 'job-guys' who eventually got a '1-2-3 Kid type' win and then we would get names."

On Leaving TNA: "It just comes down to money. We had crumby deals where you got paid-per-appearance. And we both had dreams to one day sign with a big professional wrestling company and when we got a TNA contract, I think we kinda jumped-the-gun. To tell you the truth, I don't even think we looked at our contracts. At first, we were making good money and thought it was pretty cool. But as time progressed, we asked for help and asked for a guarantee and we never got that. We never wanted to split-up. When they said we would be X-Division wrestlers, we didn't want to be lost in the shuffle. And when the agents couldn't even tell whether we were heel or face, that's when we decided it was time to get out."

On RVD's Recent Comments: "We knew he was talking about us. At first, we were like why? I didn't feel like either of us had any issues with Rob. Rob always seemed like a loner who just did his own thing. He's not exactly the kind of guy that you would approach. Every day we saw him at TV, we both said 'hi' to him. So he didn't have the right to make comments like that. Just because we didn't go to Rob specifically, I hope he didn't take that personally. If we needed any advise, we would go to veterans like Terry Taylor, D-Lo Brown, Tommy Dreamer or Al Snow."

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