Source: TMZ

As noted earlier, WWE's Maryse has asked a judge for protection from a crazed fan. Maryse has filed a request for a permanent restraining order against 61-year-old Lee Silber. She claims that he has sent "numerous terrifying letters to my home and left more than 50 voicemails on my personal cell phone all of which are extremely disturbing and delusional."

Maryse goes on to claim that she has received letters from Silber, and in the letters, he states that he will, "not only give you a check for $100,000, but give you a 100 carat diamond ring worth $20,000,000 to prove I am your friend." Maryse says that the messages and letters have gotten scarier over the last few weeks, noting that he says he will "come to LA for me" and that he will, "take me to heaven with him."

In the filed documents, Maryse states that. "I fear for my life." She also explained that she had beefed up her security, and noted that Silber is a, "crazy stalker ... who needs to either be in a psychiatric hospital or jail!" Maryse will return to court on August 3rd to deal with the situation.

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